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Daily Routine - maintenance

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You are probably thinking 'what is maintenance and what is she going to write about now?' I thought we would lighten it up and discuss what I call maintenance. This is what I consider vital in anyone's daily routine and we all do most of it: skin care - including face, hands, feet, arms & legs, and our mouth. I think that this kind of maintenance is SO important and even more so since I will be knocking 40's door down this summer! Who else out there is going to be 40 this year???

Since we are on the topic of 40 let's start with the face. I have to
admit that I am starting with some good genes - 100% Japanese. But
before you discount this I am of the sun worship generation - I spent
every sunny moment outside when I was little and when I was a teenager
I used baby oil so I could get even more tan. I even went to the tanning beds
- Tropical Breeze tanning salon. College - well just more of the same,
I don't think I owned a bottle of sunblock until my late 20s. Now you
can see why I am freak about skin care and I have only been doing it
for about 10 years the 'right' way. Okay back to the face...
Here are five tips for your face, from my estehtician and good friend Aleta Fouks (if you live in the Portland, Oregon area I highly recommend going to Aleta!):
  1. ALWAYS ALWAYS wear sunblock on your face - 30 spf, everyday sunny or cloudy
  2. Be sure to cleanse your face at night. You need to wash off the pollution, oils, makeup etc from the day
  3. If you have dry skin cut out washing your face in the morning - just use a non alcohol toner on your face
  4. Just because someone else can use a certain product doesn't mean that it's going to work for your skin type. Sometimes using the wrong product on your skin can make matters worse. 
  5. Drinking water is important for your overall well being. Just like we discussed a few days ago. Water will help cleanse your system, detoxifies, which makes for 'cleaner' skin.

Make an appointment with an esthetician. You need to find out from a PROFESSIONAL what your skin type is and what your skin is doing right now. I don't recommend the make-up counter girl for this. The dermatologist (your health insurance may cover this) might be okay as long as you don't get sucked into doing chemical peels and buying tubes of Retin-A, see tip number four above.

My skin is more on the dry side, sensitive and I have some adult acne - not bad but just annoying since I am going to be FORTY. Most all of my facial products are by Dr Temt, and I purchase this from Aleta. I used to get facials once a month and just starting this year I am going to be going every other month. Unfortunately like many out there, we (Kirk and I) are making some cut backs. I hate to do this and I won't ever totally cut facials out - but I will make choices to cut things that are less important,like do I really need the three DVD Netflix membership or a facial?

My night face regimine: I wash my face with Chamomile Cleansing oil and then I put on eye cream, under eyes and on the lids. Then I apply, to my face and neck, an anti aging serum and night cream. I don't skimp on my night cream (by Dr. Temt) and a jar of night cream goes a long ways because you use very little. I rarely miss a night - even if we are getting in late. Night is when your skin is repairing so get a goods night's sleep for healthy skin. For my lips I put on some Burts Bees or Nivea lip balm and then I take a baby toothbrush (you know the ones that you get for babies) and actually brush my lips. This takes off any dry skin and then I reapply the lip balm. Done in less than five minutes. Once you have a professional determine what type of skin you have there are some great over the counter products you can buy. Some of my favorites are: Cetaphil (great cleanser), Philosophy (I sometimes use the Purity cleanser) and Neutragena (love their sunblock line and moisturizer).

My morning face regimine: After yoga and working out it's shower time so I wash my face in the shower with the Chamomile Cleansing oil but at least twice or three times a week I use the Clarsonic brush with the cleanser to exfoliate my face and neck (always remember your neck). When I get out I spray my face immediately with a vitamin C spray like this one. Then I put on the same eye cream and depending on the time of the year I put on a serum (winter), then day moisturizer, then sunscreen (make sure that your sunscreen isn't old). See tip number one above. I also do the same lip brushing that I do at night but in the morning instead of using a regular lip balm I use a lip plumper gloss, brush then reapply a heavy coat. Done in less than five minutes.

The Body: After showering I use Lubriderm all over body including feet. I swear by this stuff. I suffered as a child with eczema - it was awful. It looked like I was shooting drugs on my arms because I would scratch them until they bled! But I eventually somewhat grew out of it. I have most of my 'breakouts' now during the summer, but it is easliy controlled by some ointment that I get from the doctor and Lubriderm. I have been trying out the latest Lubriderm lotion and I really like it. It is on the expensive side but I have tried everything over the counter that is out there and this works the best for me. It even got rid of the annoying bumps on the back of my arms and the redness!

The Hands: I just recently found two great hand lotions. I only do the hand lotion at night and keep the tubes by my bed. I wish I could remember during the day but haven't gotten there yet. My cuticles are always a mess, I have natural nails and get manicures here and there. One of those cut backs I was mentioning. When they are painted it is an almost clear pink nail polish by Essie called hi maintenance. (LOL! I bet you are thinking how appropriate after this post) The first hand lotion is by Jo Malone vitamin E hand cream - I had no idea that they did skin care! Not sure where I have been... I just thought they were a frangrance company. But I LOVE the fresh scent of this hand cream. Then the next one that I just got this week and actually really like is Cream Oil Intensive hand cream by Dove. For a lot less money I am seeing the same results. But many of you might not like the scent of Dove. It's not my favorite but I am wearing it at night.

The Feet: I don't get regular pedicures anymore - part of my cutting back. Summer time I think is the most important time to really get them done if you are wearing ANY kind of sandal. If your feet are in desparate need of a pedicure you may want to forgo the sandals...this is one of my biggest pet peeves (next to buffets) is seeing cracked dry heels in sandals. Makes me want to give them one of these. Since I don't do regular pedicures (which was every eight weeks for me) I had to step up what I did at home. I have a really nice diamond foot file that I use in the shower. You can also use a pumice stone but my feet are not that bad so sometimes the pumice stone was taking off too much. Then I just use the Lubriderm on them. During the winter months I don't have polish on the toe nails. But in the summer I usually go very dark with SpaRituals Low Notes line. In the summertime when I am wearing more sandals and the heels dry out faster I usually put a heavy layer of cream on my feet at night then cover with socks. I am not a big believer in foot creams, at least not yet.

The Teeth/Mouth: This next to my hair, is my favorite physical feature about myself. Maybe because at one time it was the worst. Picture me, young child, asian, very big head, flat face and my teeth were a cross between bucky beaver and dracula. I am not kidding! In came very expensive braces (door knobs) and head gear, both at the same time and not just at night! This was all during the 5th grade. (I should thank my parents now because I didn't then) Oh how I hated everything about it. But when I got those braces off and I looked at my teeth (7th grade) ...I swore I was going to take the very best care of my teeth FOREVER. And so far I have. Regular check ups  and cleanings, a must. Even when I didn't have dental insurance I would save up to go to the dentist. My tools: SonicCare toothbrush, Tom's of Maine toothpaste, floss (even though I haven't found a floss that I like), and my favorite mouth tool tongue brush/scrapper. We have had to buy these online because they are not available to us locally. This really works - one side is the brush and the other side you use to scrap. Removes the bacteria and you have super fresh breath! I also have to admit a slight addiction to teeth whitener...yes, I am weird. I have trays from my dentist and I do this once a month for about five days straight. Sometimes more, but I stop when my teeth get sensitive. These trays are very expensive and unfortunately are not covered by dental insurance. I saved a whole year to get mine! I haven't personally used any over the counter products but I have heard from friends that Crest Whitestrips work very well.

Remember tip number four above - this is what works for me. If you are only doing a few of these things try to add a few more to your maintenance. You can start to see how all of these daily routine posts relate and help your overall wellness.

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