Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Routine - recap

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Let's take a breather this weekend and just let it all sink in before I share more on Monday ...
Remember it's good to change things up once in awhile! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and it's so hard to get out. By just changing one thing - like having breakfast in the morning, can make a positive change in your day and before you know it you are slowly working your way out. Other times we need to do something differently because what we used in the past, may not work for us RIGHT now.

Those of you who are drinking more water - GOOD for you!!! Now some of you have expressed that you are more thirsty than ever. Here is my theory and I picked this up from watching Dr. Oz:
  • When people eat too much and don't drink
    water, their bodies become used to getting their water through
    food instead of drinking it. So they get the feeling of HUNGRY when their bodies
    need water. Which makes them eat more, but not drink anymore
  • If you have been drinking soda and eating salty food and only
    getting your water through food for a long time, you may be very
    dehydrated, so it may take a while before you've replenished your
    body's supply of water. When you are used to getting your
    water through drinking, you will generally feel thirsty more often than a
    body that is used to getting its water through eating.
  • When you start drinking more water from your bottle, you will feel
    thirsty when your body needs more water, because your body would really
    rather you drink the water than eat it, it gets into your system
  • You may be flushing out toxins. Things like
    breathing polluted air, preservatives, smoking, not washing off
    your makeup, drinking caffeine or alcohol, or taking many medications. For many of the toxins, not all,
    the most effective way to get rid of the toxin is to flush it out. Toxins that you can't flush out with water get removed by
    sweating or going #2. Depending on how much toxins you have you may be extra thirsty, even if you aren't dehydrated anymore.
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It's good to see that there are many of us turning 40 this year and some of you who have already turned 40! Let's embrace this together - I am actually pretty excited and of course I am going to share why. This is taken from an article written by Laura Randolph about some advice from Oprah Winfrey on turning 40

Basically, if I understood Oprah correctly, it all comes down to
this. At 40, something magical happens to you--something liberating and
rejuvenating and exhilarating. You acquire a healthy disregard for what
other people think. You gain the confidence to define yourself boldly
and on your own terms. You don't accept anyone else's judgments but
your own. In short, you stop living your life for other people and
start living it for yourself. The force is with you because, at long
last, it is in you.

"Before I turned 40, I
used to always worry about what everybody thought about everything,
Oprah explained to me. "I get thousands of letters a week, and I used
to pick the ones who didn't like something about me and call them and
try to make them like me. I tracked one woman down because she didn't
like my earrings

In her pre-40 days,
when it was her, not just her earrings or her clothes or her hair, that
people didn't like, their criticism could send her over the edge. "I
remember years ago I had a long conversation with Sidney Poitier and I
was just weeping to him
," she told me. "And as I sat there crying, he
said, `You have to remember you are carrying people's dreams, and when
you are carrying people's dreams, oftentimes they put burdens on you
that are not yours to bear. You have to decide what your dream is for

And that is the lovely,
liberating, life-changing lesson that, as Oprah put it, "you just don't
get when you're 28,
" but, at 40, you see with crystal clarity.
And she was right. If life really begins at 40, it's because that's
when women finally get it. The guts to take back their lives. Seize the
day. Glorify the new season and seasoning--the spice of experienced
Black womanhood. It's their time and the time is right for a little
I don't think this is something that miraculously happens the very day that you turn 40, it has been happening over time. Laura Randolph put together a list for her girlfriends: 40 Things every Black woman should have by the time she turns 40. Whether Black, Asian, White, Hispanic or purple this is a good list that can be adaptable, my commentary is in RED:
1.) Peace of mind (and a piece of property).

2.) A will. very good idea, especially if you have children

3.) Willpower. we are working on this right??

4.) A savings account in your own name (and an IRA in the name of your future security).

5.) A mammogram. very important, I can't stress this enough

6.) A manicure (not to mention a pedicure, a facial and a massage--all on the same day). what did I tell you???

7.) A set of matching luggage. i find this one pretty funny, not sure why, maybe because I don't have any.

8.) A ticket to some exotic place to unpack it.

9.) A great hairdresser, gynecologist and stockbroker.

10.) A passionate, fiery, unforgettable love affair. not to be confused for extramarital affair - in your single days

11.) A little black dress that makes you look five pounds thinner. you could do a total of 10 if you wore some spanx!

12.) A sense of humor, style and purpose.

13.) A selfish streak.

14.) A spiritual foundation that gets you through a very bad night without going crazy.

15.) A facial foundation that gets you through a very long day without going ashy. or shiny or flaky

16.) A good bra. yes! every woman should be wearing the right size by getting fitted.

17.) A good spa.

18.) A library card (used often). i need to get on this one

19.) A credit card (used sparingly).

20.) At least one person in your life who says: "You call, I come."

21.) Good body language (multilingual!).

22.) A broken heart and the knowledge you can survive it.

23.) A cause celebre (domestic violence, infant mortality, save the whales--your choice).

24.) A personal relationship with God. or some spiritual sense

25.) A personal trainer. lol!

26.) Selective amnesia ("What Saturday morning meeting?").

27.) Gall.

28.) A good skin-care regimen. i need to meet this Laura gal, I think we could be good friends

29.) The ability to converse on any subject without benefit of concrete knowledge or access to facts.

30.) A shocking secret.

31.) A pair of silk pajamas.

32.) A lifetime membership in at least one organization dedicated to
uplifting Black folks (e.g., National Council of Negro Women, the
NAACP). or volunteer with an organization that helps people or animals through tough times; YWCA, Humane Society, Girls & Boys club, Meals on Wheels...

33.) The phone number of someone who is good with their hands.

34.) At least one drop-dead, don't-speak-to-me-because-you-know-you-don't-know-me gorgeous photo of yourself.

35.) A friendship that has stood the test of time.

36.) One last chance to tell the guy you were crazy about in your 20s who
treated you like cigarette ashes on the floor what you were too dumb to
know when he walked out with your heart in his hands: "Thank you, thank
you, thank you." OMG how many of us can relate?? Have you seen "he's just not that into you" yet?

37.) A soul mate.

38.) Faith, hope and a good fantasy.

39.) A dream.

40.) A plan to make it come true. this makes me smile :)

I can see a scrapbooking layout developing from this list...

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