Thursday, February 5, 2009

Giveaway #10 - kits

I have to post a little early today since I am running errands...The WINNER is Robin N (Tqmnurse)!!!!!!!

please contact me at

This is from Stacy's book Photo Freedom on page 78 - you need to provide the jar but the kit has all the rest of the supplies.

Here is a kit I picked up along my travels. I think it was from an Elsie class??

And here are three random kits - Calendar kit from my LSS Arts & Scraps (Denise has the best projects!), Jenni Bowlin mini house album kit and a kit from Stacy's class Finish Line Scrapbooking.

Found this site of resolutions...

UPDATE: I need to clarify - tomorrow, Saturday is the last day!!! Check back tomorow for the last giveaway.

Just one more day of giveaways! Leave a comment - a winner will be chosen tomorrow morning. I am kinda wishing I had more stuff to giveaway! ;)


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