Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Office - part 4

I have been following this blog for some time now and just the other day he had this post: How to Declutter an Entire Room in One Go. He has some great tips to follow that make the task less daunting - the sorting process is what I try to use.

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Welcome to Part 4 of my office tour! It has been wonderful to hear from all of you and love your questions. Keep them coming! We are going to continue with the lower section of this area

This is a PB Bedford lateral file cabinet. This file drawer works really well with the heavy weight that I have in there. The drawers pull out smooth and ALL the way.

These lateral files hold my cardstock scraps (by color), bulk stock of cardstock (for invitations) sticker/rub ons alphabets and idea tear sheets.

These are all my sticker/rub ons alphabet sheets sorted by color - most of them are black or white.

Jodi asked a great question yesterday and she wanted to know what I do with the chipboard letters that are adhesive backed. Those are in here by their respective color. Or if they are plain chipboard I have a plain section - this is what I am talking about, these are from Basic Grey.

[HINT] I really like having this section of 'plain' because if I can't find the color that I really want I can paint some to match.

This is an example of what is in my white section. The multi colored sheet I have two of and I keep the other one in the black. Somethings like this are based on total preferance as to how you would sort it. If I only had one sheet I would have probably put it in my black section because that is the color I use the most.

The next section to cover are the Alex drawers from Ikea. I have been very happy with these drawers and was pleasantly surprised with their quality. I have two units - one to hold my jewelry making supplies and the other to hold my sewing supplies.

The top drawer is my projects in process for jewelry - these drawers are deep enough and shallow enough to hold projects like this and they go undisturbed.

Beads by color and more buttons! The beads are organized in a fishing tackle box organizer by Plano. I like these because the slots are adjustable.

All my jewelry findings - I love old muffin tins for this kind of organization and these you can find at Goodwill for under a dollar. Also the small Ikea jars stored upside down so you can see whats in it works really good for small items. I usually store my vintage bead findings in those. The rectangular tins are from the Target dollar section - be sure to check for these soon!

Here are all my supplies for soldering

This is the next unit with my sewing items. Again love the muffin tins for this, easy to sort and find.

I store all my fabric cutting tools in plastic pencil boxes. I found these at GoodWill for 25 cents!

My sewing machine components - my good sewing machine is stored in my super secret storage place. More to come on that later!

The last two drawers are projects in progress. Sadly they are full because I haven't had time to sew anything. I have a deep love for vintage fabrics so I try to pick it up when I find pieces.

One last item in this area are my brads and colored eyelets. I found these decorative glass jars at my local craft store. I took the plunge and dumped all the eyelets that I use into one and all my brads (big and small into the other, and the third one holds some decorative shaped brads. At first I thought I was crazy but I actually don't mind sorting through it. I find myself using more creative colors pairings. I thought about putting them in my color drawers but I would have to either bag them up or put them in a drawer -I thought I would try this first and I think I will stick with it.

[HINT] If I am really searching for a particular color I just dump them into a tray (like a powder embossing tray) sort through them and pour them back in.

I know that many of you are thinking of trying the color organization, please take your time! Do not rush into this - you need to see how you create. I know that I create by color and theme. The Puerto Rico layout yesterday took me 30 minutes to do. I had my yellow drawer out and took some items from my travel drawer (more on that later) and some flower embellishments from a jar. DONE. Not a work of art by any means but I like it, I captured the memory and I have a finished layout for my Faraway Places We Go album. That brings me joy!

I will be posting through the weekend so be sure to check in -


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