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My Office - part 5

Happy Saturday and Happy Valentines day!  Here's some Valentine humor from Someecards:

I am just going to jump into my office tour part 5! Starting with my basket tower. There is a story to this and I had to enlist the help of my friend.  When I was looking and drooling over my friend Margie's craft room (which btw is AMAZING!) I came across this photo and immediately emailed her wanting to know the details. Of course I got the response that I didn't want to hear... 'I got it at TJ Maxx a year ago' UGH - love and hate that place because of the hit and miss inventory. But I rushed down to my local TJ Maxx with printed picture in hand just to see if they had one or could tell me who made it. No luck. So you know (I know you know) how you get fixated on something and that is the only thing that is going to work??!! That is where Jeanette comes in and her talent of researching. I put her on the hunt and within minutes I had all sorts of ideas coming from her through email but she couldn't find that exact piece. She did find this one though - it was perfect and actually a much better piece for this space. Not as tall and not as deep. I also liked the mix of metal and natural - something I was missing in my space.

This basket tower holds my overflow of photo albums. The slip in kind - I buy these at Target when they go on clearance. As you can see I am two baskets full so no more for me until I use these and make room for more.

And the last basket is full of a new found craft - felting...I like to dabble. Mostly I like to make pieces for jewelry.

Okay the next area (long awaited) is my main scrapbooking supply area. It is behind where I work so everything is easily accessible to my work area. It is made up of three Bonde Ikea shelves. Because I have 9 foot ceilings I wanted to take advantage of the height of the Bonde because I was thinking of gettng the Xpedit. Plus the Bonde shelves are adjustable, which comes in handy when you are storing odd supplies.

[HINT] By being color & themed organized you are able to clean up very quickly when you are done with a project. This was taken a day after my Puerto Rico layout. If you are like me I have to have a clean slate before moving on to the next project!

Here is a look at the first section. On the very top shelf I have some display items for photos shoots and extra storage pieces.The shelves below that include a lazy susan (from Target) with some metal findings in spice jars, painting tools and my jar of yellow/gold ribbon. Below that is my red/pink cardstock and patterned paper stored in Cropper Hopper Vertical storage holders. I really like this way of storing my paper - I just wish that they were crystal clear. The silver metal baskets are old locker baskets that I found at an antique store (with the help of a good friend) for $12 each. These two shown below are holding my mini albums and stationery. Obviously I have a mini album addiction...this would be an indication to purge but I already did! Then you can see my Xyron (this has to be one of my top five tools) and yellow/orange/rust paper.

Going down...on the left side are my paper packs and my purple paper. The turqouise bin holds adhesives, glue, pop dots, etc. (My back stock of adhesive is my super secrect storage place) The bin is from the home section at Target. I haven't seen this color there in awhile but I have seen pink and red. Below that are my kits from Cocoa Daisy or other projects. With my Cocoa Daisy kits I give myself about three months to do something with the kit as a whole. After that it gets taken apart and put away. The three drawer unit below that holds all my coloring pens, American Craft precision pens, and office pens.

I have two of these six drawer units that you see above. These are my theme drawers. This one holds: Family/baby, Creativity, Seasons, Christmas/Winter, and antique ephemera. Last drawer is empty! :) These items need to be very specific - it just can't be a pink bow (that would go in the pink drawer) but if it was a pink bow with the words 'baby girl' on it then it would go in the appropriate theme drawer.

[HINT] I am finding that I am buying less and less of this type of theme stuff and buying more general items that can be used for anything. I can tell, for myself, that most of this stuff seems to sit for a long time before I actually use it or eventually give it away. I see half of these drawers going away in about a year.

Working our way over... top of the shelf are my Memory Dock drawers. I am not sure if these are still going to be in production but I use them for my large format pictures. I need to still organize and label these. Here is something similar at Ikea. You can see more paper storage by color and two flower jars (Target and Ikea). The black tin boxes I found in the office section at Target. (there is something similar at Ikea called Emu) These hold my antique game pieces - I collect them and they are sorted by...color! I use them in misc projects but mostly my jewelry.

The shallow white boxes are Kasset boxes from Ikea, they store my stamps. This size is no longer made but there are alternatives at the Container store. The size of the box is 11.5"w x 14.75"l x 3.5"d. This idea was from my friend Anna and it is brilliant! I am amazed that this has stuck for me because I am LAZY when it comes to boxes with lids. But because they are shallow and I have only stacked them two high I don't mind bringing them down and looking through them. You can get two layers of wooden stamps in them. My categories are Celebrations/Holidays, Design elements, Circles, Squares, Nature, Travel/Dogs.

Going over some more...the bins above hold: clear albums, mini mini albums, and the last two have punches. These way up here are the ones that I don't use very often and they are not full because I don't have that many. Several years ago I purged out many of the odd shaped ones and kept the more usuable shapes like squares, circles, etc.

The basket holds Christmas card and travel memoribila. The white boxes are my Stampin Up! ink pads that are waiting for the holder spinner deal. I have been trying to bid on one through ebay but this is apparently a hot item! But when I do get one that will go there and I will be able to access the ink pads readily. The paper storage here is organized by company - there are three companies whose paper I love: American Crafts, Basic Grey, and Scenic Route. These papers all stay together since I buy them all the time and I have so much!

Above you can see my Quickutz 3 ring binders. My friend Kellie told me about this organization tip and I am so glad. This takes up WAY less space than the QK binders that I had and it is so easy to flip through these. I have them organized by shapes in one folder and the other two hold alphabets. All you use are slide film holder pages.

My acutal QK tool is in a metal basket along with the larger format dies for the Revolution. I store the cookie cutter dies in the magnet books that QK makes. I wish that I could keep the tool out all the time on my work table because I know that I would use it more.

The bottom part ... the turquoise bin has all of my frequently used punches, even my giga (2') square punch. Most of the rest of the stuff is all Invitation product, negative binders and business stuff. The three large pioneer albums are some of Kirk's photos from childhood through his early 30s. I also have three Croppin Companion storage binders: trip to Africa and my childhood memorbilia. 

Last but not least, my other six drawer unit of themed product: Office, Boy, Girl/Friendship, Love, Travel and Dogs. As I said earlier these drawers are going to get paired down over the next year as I find myself buying less of the specific theme product.

Here is a peek into some of those drawers

This little drawer unit from Ikea holds all of my tools for paper crafting and jewelry making. Scissocrs, hand punches, pliers, metal stamping tools, etc. After taking this picture I realized that I didn't have the drawers labeled! They are now -

Thanks again for stopping by - tomorrow will be about my inspiration areas! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I missed anything.


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