Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Office - part 3

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. John Ruskin

Thank you for all of your comments and I hope that I have the questions that some of you had.

From Cindy: My only
"issue" is that if I separate all of my alpha stamps like in the heck do I bring any to crops and stuff? Know what I mean jelly bean??

You would ask that question! Obviously I don't go to many crops, but when I do I have to be very organized and plan out my pages. Since this is once or twice a year - I usually just take alphabet stickers or rub ons. Most of the time though I am working a on a project like a mini album so I can plan to use one alphabet stamp set throughout. So I just round up the stamps in a ziploc baggie and put in the stamp pad I will be using!

From Frances: what do you do about acrylic alpha sets? Also, there's a weird anal-retentive part of me that deems it necessary to know the maker of products I use (as if I'd be quizzed by the Scrapbooking police--"who makes these alphas you used in Layout A?") and if everything is jumbled up, how would I answer?

Great question Frances - My acrylic alphabet sets... I only have two large sets from Technique Tuesday. And most likely I will break those up since I don't have that many. The other acrylic alphabet sets I have are the teenie tiny ones from CTMH. Those are in that larger wooden drawer - mini alphabet drawer. On knowing the manufacturer... I think you might surprise
yourself that you could remember most of them - especially if you were under the pressure of the Scrapbooking Police. You crack me up! LOL! These drawers have made me use what I have and also be a little more creative with my words/titles.

Here is my COLOR storage! I was a little hesitant at first, but now I have totally embraced this way of organizing. This is a PB Bookcase that I got 20% off because it was a floor display. The clear plastic drawers are from the Container Store and are actually men's shoe drawers. This storage idea came from Beth Proudfoot in the book The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey. There are women's shoe drawers that are smaller in size. But if you have the space to accomodate the larger size go with that. The large size can hold some of the larger sticker sheets. The electric typewriter was a find on eBay.

Here are my colors: white/clear, black, orange, red, green, brown, blue, yellow, pink, and purple. When I first started out, some of the colors shared drawers because I didn't have enough to warrant a whole drawer. The extra two drawers top left are: metal findings and misc chipboard shapes.

As you can see everything is in these drawers...paint, tags, embellishments, etc. Things that are multi colored I do one of two things: 1) figure out what is the dominate color in the pallete. 2) Ask myself what color would I most likely use it with? For example (see pic below) this is my green drawer and I have the K&Co embellishments that have multiple colors but green is the dominate color.

Above is my pink drawer - you can see felt pieces, paint, paper ribbon, tape, journaling spots...below is another shot of my green drawer. Leaves, frames, green buttons in a mini glass jar from Ikea...

Red drawer - as you can see that sticker label sheet has orange and yellow on it, but for the most part all the labels are red.

The yellow drawer...

Here is why color organization works for me:
You quickly find out what colors you gravitate too. You can also see what you need to buy LESS of and what you can buy MORE of. I know for a fact that I don't need to buy anymore blue embellishments. Even after purging, that drawer it is still full - so I need to start doing some layouts using blue!

Which brings me to my next reason... This is what Stacy told me and what really sold me on the idea...
When I get ready to do a page I start with my pictures. In this situation I wanted to finally scrapbook my photos from our Puerto Rico trip. Omayra had sent me some great products from Spanish Memories so I had that in my Cropper Hopper page planner envelope along with the pictures. And then all I do is pick a color drawer or two...I chose yellow. No searching around for hours for that one yellow embellishment.

I know Cindy is going to ask me: "What if you are going to a crop? You can't take the drawers!" Good question! Well I am even more prepared because I will fill the envelope with some of the stuff from the yellow drawer - I will be forced to use it because that is what I will have with me and guess what? I will love it because what's in that yellow drawer is only the stuff that I love. :)

Here is the finished layout (inspired by Ali Edwards CK 9/2009) the non yellow items are available to me in other drawers, but more on that later!

American Crafts sticker letters - LAX. Great idea note from a Cocoa Daisy kit.

I have another small giveaway! Leave a comment and you could win a package of Spanish Memories product. Winner will be announced Friday morning.

Plus check back tomorrow for more on my office organization - thanks for stopping by!


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