Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What does Modern Quilting mean?

I promise you that this is not going to turn into a quilting blog - at least not completely. ;) While I am taking the time to examine what this blog is going to between now and July (my self given deadline) I will be exploring all different types of topics, mostly whatever is happening in the NOW or top of mind. Right now the NOW has been fabric and piecing pieces of it together that will some day be called a QUILT.

My quilting introduction analogy: When I was perusing through Flickr I found the Modern Quilt Guild. The other amazing people that I previously mentioned really encouraged me onto the diving board. The Flickr group made me jump off the diving board. Just recently our local branch was started here in Portland so now I am swimming in the pool!

1. Finished!, 2. Vallon des Auffes (Marseille), 3. detail, 4. Just Bricks Quilt, 5. Log cabins, 6. IMG_6091, 7. Munki Dog Quilt , 8. red letter day plus quilt, 9. blocks and stripes quilt

The guild blog is asking the question to members: "What does Modern Quilting mean to you?"
Again, remembering that I am very new to this craft I thought this was a fitting question to ask myself. Especially since I received so many emails inquiring about the blocks that I was working on and most of my readers had never seen a wonky quilt before...are you ready for a whole new world of texture and color??!!! I should have forewarned you about the above Flickr link - sorry if I just sucked two hours out of your day...
What does modern quilting mean to me?
  • Texture - the use of different types of fabric to achieve a look that would usually go un-noticed. For example the use of 100% linen and the puckering it creates around the stitches when washed over time.
  • Color - mixing it up or playing by the rules, color in fabric has endless possibilities
  • Shapes - combining the traditional shapes with the wonky; hexagons with wide white borders
  • imperfections - at some point even in a wonky log cabin quilt your 1/4" seams will need to be right on. But for the most part some of those off measurements or missed stitches could add character/handmade feel to your project. I am sure that if I looked closely at some of my great grandmothers quilts there would be some wonderful mistakes.
  • loved - I want my quilts to be used and the people I give them to not be afraid to use them. I want you to be able to wash them and they get better and better with wear.
  • Ability - anyone can try to make a modern quilt.


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