Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily Routine - scheduling

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This is a very important part of my daily routine. I have a very organized calendar with alerts for every appointment, to-do, and phone call that I need to make. In my crazy life, I am sure all of you can relate, I need something to tell me where to be. I also schedule everything - yoga, training, meetings, conference calls, call my mom, dinners, vacations, business trips, etc. Also certain types of tasks are color coded.

Because I am on a MAC, I use the iCal calendar as my main calendar. This calendar is set up to sync (every 5 mintues) with my MobileMe account, my iPhone (only when plugged in) and GoogleCalendars. I have my main one sync to so many places because I have learned over the years to cover my butt. One time my phone battery died and of course I didn't have access to my charger (long story, but it involves an airplane) but I had my laptop and internet connection which meant I could log on to MobileMe and get the dial in information for my conference call. The same works with GoogleCalendars but with this I can share my calendar very easily with Stacy and Kayce (she's on a PC). Keeping a detailed calendar helps me focus, which in turn helps me accomplish more in a short amount of time.

For each appointment or conference call, I make notes in the note section of all pertinent details like addresses and phone numbers. Even if I have it in my contacts this is one less keystroke I have to make. One thing I hate to do is waste time trying to locate a number!

I try not to schedule meetings unless all the decisions makers are present. If all the important people are not there then you are really wasting everyone's time. Unless that person tells you to proceed without them - then I will make an exception. But I had a client (who will go un-named) that LOVED to have meetings about meetings - we would have 12 meetings to prep for one meeting! At that time I billed by the hour so I didn't care, but what a waste of resources.
Always, always have an agenda. If you don't you are most likely going to forget to talk about something and then you will have to re-schedule the meeting again.

Before I was totally tech based I use the Franklin Covey day planners. This thing NEVER left my sight. If I ever lost it I would have been toast - there was no back up. Sometimes I miss the paper/writing aspect but as I got busier with life I don't know how I lived without my iPhone. But here are few paper based suggestions that I think work really well for the busy mom: the Whomi Agenda and Mom Agenda.

The night before I ALWAYS review the next day - just to make a mental note and make sure there are no surprises. It's not always a guarantee but I can sleep better knowing I at least took a glance.

So how do you keep track of your busy day?

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