Sunday, March 29, 2009

Packing Tactics - clothes

Packing clothes for a trip can be a daunting task. Over the years I have developed a plan that works for me - it does take some initial planning but I haven't gone wrong yet.
First I always make a list - I should have a template on Word but I usually just find a memo pad (like my Kung Fu Panda one). I start making a list of essentials - underwear, pjs, socks, blow dryer, make up bag, etc. I MUST make this list and as it is packed, I cross it off. If I don't make this list inevitably I will forget it. The next thing on the list are the days that I am going to be traveling with space left between each so you can write. I denote important activities that need a different attire - like BBQ on Friday night.
For each day I put outfits together - by doing this I can see where I can cross-over and wear something twice (yes, this is OKAY) and make sure that EVERYTHING coordinates together. When traveling I try to stay pretty neutral: black, brown and white with a few bright colored pieces. Staples when traveling: white long sleeve t-shirt, black cami, black pants and dark fitted jean jacket. These items are ALWAYS in my suitcase when the trip is a week long or more.
Above is a small linen bag - I have several of these. Each one holds different undergarments. For example I have individual ones for underwear, bras, swimsuits, and socks/tights. It seems excessive but I know exactly where these items are - they aren't swimming around in no man's land at the bottom of my suitcase and I know they are CLEAN! Also I like to think that it keeps the TSA from rummaging through all of my undergarments. Again that is what I would like to 'think'.
TIP: When I get to the hotel I take the plastic dry cleaning bag from the closet to use as my dirty laundry bag. Makes it easy when I get home to drop that bag in laundry room and take everything else upstairs.
Always try to take my workout clothes - one less excuse I have to use the hotel gym. It really doesn't take up that much room - but don't forget socks. I put them in my running shoes.
Halfway packed...running shoes at the bottom and things that I don't have to worry about wrinkles
Shoes and shoe bags - I allow myself three pairs of shoes. 1) dressy heels. 2) travel shoes. 3) flats. I don't count my running shoes because I don't wear them outside of working out. Shoe bags - total must! Whether or not you have $500 Manolo Blahniks or $30 Target flats. The key to having them in bags is organization/easy access and also to keep your clothes clean. Grocery bags work perfect for this too!
Three quarters of the way packed - there is the dark denim jacket...
Packed. Denim trousers on the top because those will need to come out as soon as we get to the hotel. I try to put the item that will most likely get wrinkled on the top. Then on top of that is a coat - just in case it's cold when we get there, it's easy to access on top.
Ready to go - hopefully by now we are more than half way through our trip. Can't wait to post updates from the trip and see if I forgot anything. I am also hoping to take some candid shots of traveling...for example this guy:
Standing in front of the luggage shute isn't going to make your luggage come any faster. It would have been nice of him to stand at least three feet back so others could actually retrieve their luggage, that WAS coming out. Karma came through - another guy had a heavy case and as he was trying to get it off the belt he swung it into this guy knocking him over. I don't think it was on purpose...;)
Let me know if you have any questions or any tips to share - Happy Monday!


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