Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Packing Tactics - on the plane

Today is all about the essentials on the plane. Because of security I travel VERY light with my carry on - I don't mind waiting for my luggage if that means that I don't have to go thru security with it, lift it over my head on the plane to stuff it in an overhead compartment, OR keep track of it. I take my chances with the airlines losing my luggage. In the 15 years that I have been traveling I have had problems with my luggage twice. That is 30 weeks of travel each year, three to four days a week - in my busy days. So my odds have been pretty good.
I choose one of two bags to carry on - briefcase or purse. The camera bag is always a carry on. In this weeks case it's going to be breifcase and camera bag - the purse is packed empty in the suitcase.
I bet you can guess what my number one item is? WATER! I pack an empty water bottle by Nalgene in the 16oz size. Then once I am through security I find a water fountain and fill up. Sometimes if the Starbucks isn't busy I can get them to fill it for me with tap water. Ask with a big smile!
  • You need to stay hydrated when traveling. Drink plenty of fluids
    (preferably water) before, during, and after your flight. Not only will
    you feel better, but keeping up your fluid reserves also helps your
    body ward off a whole other host of maladies. Staving off dehydration
    will also decrease your risk of getting jet lag
  • Put plenty of moisturizer on your hands and pile on the lip balm
  • If you wear contacts, use your glasses instead
  • When you land try to spend at least 15 minutes outside breathing fresh air - I don't care if it's below freezing or 105 degrees (F) - you need fresh air!
Since this is a pleasure trip I will not be bringing my laptop - one of my resolutions for the new year, no work on vacation. I have my iPhone and that is all the connection that I need. But this also means that I don't have to bring my rolling briefcase. Instead I travel with this bag by Latico - I found one on their home site in black here. Which would be better than the pink one that I bought here, but they no longer carry. This bag is pretty high maintenance because of the light color and I have to clean with leather cleaner each time I travel. But I love Latico because their leather is super soft!
This case will hold my writers notebook, wallet, iPhone, passport, travel documents, water bottle, couple magazines, one book (but now I have a KINDLE!), pens, lipstick/lipbalm, vitamin C spray, Airborne tablets, advil, moisturizer and sunglasses in case. This fits nicely "under the seat in front of you".
My travel camera bag is from Crumpler six million dollar home.

This is where most of my camera items are stored on a regular basis, but for a trip I take my SLR camera (of course) and two lens's - 85mm and 28-13mm, point & shoot camera, extra cards, chargers (for cameras & phone), portable tri pod, and extra battery. Flash stays home and so does the big zoom lens for this trip. This bag can fit "underneath the seat in front of you" too. Plus it can also hold your water bottle or any other extra things that don't fit in the briefcase. For shorter trips I usually take my other Crumpler bag (2 million dollar home), camera, one lens and charger.
One tip with chargers - any kind of charger I always buy an extra one. The spare is always in my travel cases so I don't take the one that I use at home. So if I leave it in a hotel - I am not S.O.L. when I get home! There is a great case that I use from Mimi - mini stamp case that holds all of these chargers for me in a zippered pouch. Ziploc bag is good too!
Neck pillow - try to find one that is a pillow. I could never get the blow up kind to be the right puffiness and the seams always dug into my neck or snagged my clothes. The blow up kind is easy to travel with but we are looking for comfort, especially when you have a nine hour travel day (12 with the time change)
I either use it for my neck or my back - which ever is bothering me. I have had this one for years - it has a removable fleece cover that I can wash and also a fabric loop so I can attach it to one my bags so I don't leave it somewhere. I don't like the airline pillows because they don't get washed! yuck. The other item of comfort that I bring is a scraf - I have made a considerable investment in cashmere wraps and scarves. But these have made flying very comfortable and they are easy to wear on the plane without adding bulk! I always look for tissue weight and airy knit in basic colors, to start your collection.
Here are some travel people that I follow:
Jessica - she has some travel posts that are great! Since she just had a baby I am sure she is going to have some great tips for traveling with babies. I also follow her amazing fashion...
Jennifer Moody - who used to have a great blog, but is now on Facebook only...she is a traveling pro. If you are on FB definitely be her friend - tell her I sent you.
Monday is packing the suitcase and just a heads up - I don't wrap each outfit in plastic like Martha. Jeez - I guess if I had someone packing for me I would, but that is over the top. Happy Thursday!


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