Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remembering Dottie

It was a year ago today that my best friend Dottie lost her battle against breast cancer. There is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think about her. We would talk on the phone everyday (since we lived so far apart) so when she wasn't here anymore it was hard to remember that I couldn't pick up the phone and talk to her. She is missed.

Scrapbooking actually brought us together and has kept her memory close in her absence. I thank this hobby everyday for the captured moments and memories I had with Dottie. If it weren't for key women in this industry reminding me why I scrapbook I wouldn't have had any of these moments documented and would have been wishing that I did.
So when we receive comments like this:

I think it is a bit pompous to ask "how it will help me in life"!! Stacy is NOT a life coach, psychologist, she is a bloody scrapbooker and this is the only issue I have with BPS recently - it is stretching the envelope just a little bit too far beyond scrapbooking.

I wonder what this person thinks scrapbooking is? or what a scrapbooker is?  I am going to assume that they are into this hobby about two or three years - some of us may remember, when it was all about the product. You had to have it all and the latest and greatest. Well thank God we were taking a gazillion pictures too. But when you are in that 'newness' of scrapbooking you don't really see it as apart of capturing your life. This person will come around - hopefully before they have some regrets.

Here are just a few treasures that keep Dottie close - they wouldn't have been created unless scrapbooking was apart of our lives.
This was an album given to me after Dottie's passing - it was created by my scrapbooking friend Cindy. All I needed to do was add my photos and journaling.
This is a birthday mini album that Dottie gave to me one year...
This was a mini album that we created together about our friendship.
This was one of many gifts that Dottie created for me. We had this rule that if you gave a gift it had to be handmade! While the last three years of her life she spent creating in the altered arts medium she still preserved her base of being a scrapbooker - someone who was a life coach/psychologist to her family and friends, and yes, she was a BLOODY scrapbooker!

My friend Dottie, I hope you are having F-U-N up there! In honor of her please raise a glass with a beverage of your choice today 'Here's to more F-U-N!' and remember that scrapbooking is so much more than the paper and embellishments or the latest technique...


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