Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FUN stuff

After yesterdays downer post let's talk about FUN interesting stuff today!
Starting with an article yesterday from USA Today on Twitter. I actually like Twitter - I use it when I have something to share or to keep my blog somewhat up to date. But according to this article we may be losing human link. 'No one's in the moment anymore' I thought that was what we were doing by Twittering??? Documenting that precise moment...
"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence." - Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist master
This is a hard topic for me to debate - I will admit that I rely heavily on technology for all of my communication. Fortunately for my marriage we both work out of the house so I am not texting Kirk on a daily basis. I don't even think he knows how to text back. But I do text my friends and co-workers, I spend hours upon hours answering emails and conference calls. On the other hand technology/social media has opened up my life to new friendships that otherwise wouldn't have been made and has renewed old ones that would have gone forgotten.
One of the authors quoted in the article was Soren Gordhamer. I downloaded his book last week: Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Secrets for the Creative and Constantly Connected on a recommendation from a long time friend. He could tell I was 'crispy', my new word to describe my state of mind right now.
"Gordhamer says technology aimed at bringing people closer through communication also may be creating distance. 'There are cool aspects. The challenge is: When do we use them and when do they use us?' A tool isn't good or bad; it's just a tool. The question often not explored is what are some of the ways in which it's actually reducing quality of life and relationships?"
What I try to do is make a conscious effort to keep my technology turned off or out of sight when I am around family and friends. Who I worry about the most are the young adults that are growing up with this technology and sometimes their online connection is their ONLY connection. I find that they have a hard time communicating with people face to face. I met a young girl (13 years old) last week that could barely introduce herself - she couldn't even look at me, her mom had to tell her to say 'hello' and say her name. Her mom said it was because she was shy. Maybe? But boy, could she turn around and burn up that keyboard on her cell phone! :) Those of you with young people in your house how are you dealing with all the technology?
I leave you with another not so good but funny photo documenting my three year old niece. SHE knows how to work my iPhone - it's the first thing she wants to pull out of my purse, even before the coveted Chanel lipgloss. "Auntie Pawa, where is your iPhone? I need to text."
Conversation goes on: "Wait auntie Pawa, just wait, I am texting. Okay, I am texting some more." Hopefully she doesn't learn how to Twitter! :)
Happy Thursday!


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