Monday, April 20, 2009

Thinking about our dogs

It was a sad day on Sunday for our friends Jack and Becky. They had to put their 12 year old Samoyed - Stasha to sleep. She was a wonderful soul that tolerated my dogs nipping at her backside and Kirk remembers all the fun she brought on their bike rides. From Jack: SHE WAS A TRUE COMPANION AND A REFLECTION OF ALL THAT IS GOOD.I WILL SURLY MISS THOSE LOVING KISSES THAT WAS HER ONE WAY OF SHOWING HOW MUCH SHE LOVED ME.
For many of us, our pets become a part of our family and it is unfortunate that they are only with us for a short time.

I also just heard about this horrible house fire that a fellow scrapbooker, Teddi had a couple of weeks ago. Not only did she and her boyfriend lose all of their belongings they also lost their two dogs. Heartbreaking - and I have always worried about this with our three. They have a dog door that is open 24/7 but I don't know if they would actually get out of the house in case of a fire. We have taken every precaution and also have one of those decals on our front window to inform any fire rescue person that there are dogs inside and how many. I highly recommend one of these free safety packs.

Now turn around and hug your four legged friend if you have one! :)


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