Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh In

Since I weighed in at the end of last week I won't be weighing in this week. But I want to hear from all of you since this post. How is it going? What is working and not working? Any tips you want to share?
Exercise has been hard to get back into after vacation. I had good intentions this week but here we are at Wednesday and I have had to cancel with the trainer because of a raging sinus migraine. This always happens when the weather changes drastically. We also have Big Picture meetings this week - so that means MORE sitting. It's funny that Stacy just posted yesterday about how sedentary our jobs are. I haven't been to yoga in over two weeks and I can tell - my shoulders are almost attached to my ears and my back is stiff. I need to make time - it's on my calendar, I just need to get up and do something when it chimes at me. Wish I could change it to say "Get off your lazy butt lady!"
I have done well with my eating. Knowing that I am not exercising I am not allowing myself to overeat. This is where I get into trouble. Cutting my calorie intake is key - I know that when I am sedentary that I burn around 1800 calories a day (this would be on the high end). I had my metabolism tested last September - this is something that I recommend that you do. With exercise and eating right I can burn around 2200+.
Right now I am researching the benefits of coconut oil and plan to add it to my smoothie recipe in the morning. My girlfriend has added it to her diet and has seen a substantial increase in her metabolism without adding anymore exercise. I will keep you posted on this!
Also don't forget to check out Lisa Cohen's class that starts tomorrow (still time to register) called the Wellness Journey. It is a great way to jump start your getting healthy program! Here is a promo code for $5 off the eight week class: bailout99 Hopefully I will see you in class!
Let me know how you are doing - I really want to know and I know other readers can benefit too. I also have two Advocare giveaways for two random comments!


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