Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh In

Started the day with an early morning work out with the trainer then went to my Weight Watcher weigh in. It is another gain week: +2.6 pounds. I am not as disappointed about this weight gain because I have doubled my exercise over the past couple of weeks and last Friday I found out that while I am not losing weight - I am losing INCHES! I went to put on some dress slacks that fit me perfectly about six months ago - WELL...they are TWO inches to big in the waist! How could I forget that I may be gaining weight but losing inches???!!! Next week my trainer is going to do total body measurements so we can compare from when I first started. I am very excited to see the results.
Things that are working - smoothie in the AM, Advocare shake for lunch, good dinner, and MNS supplements.
Things that are not working - snacking on the M&M jar...we have this jar on the table and I am sure that I am probably using my points allowance up every time I grab a handful, not journaling/tracker...definitely need to start tracking those M&Ms, and water intake...need to drink more water.
What am I going to commit to this week: Track my points using the WW Tracker, make good eating decisions and exercise while traveling.
Heading out tomorrow for the Scrap St Louis event - if you are going please say hi! I will be doing a make n Take all day on Friday.


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