Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crafty Weekend for Mother's Day gifts!

Even though it was National Scrapbook weekend I decided to sew - tried to get some people together but you know how schedules are! I haven't been into my sew stash for some time, so when I saw this pattern by Alicia Paulson I was immediately inspired to make a market grocery bag.

This pattern is very easy and would be great first time project for a beginner. If you ever wanted to try your hand at sewing try this pattern - you will learn a lot of basic techniques and be so pleased with yourself! TIPs: I used a plastic web sheet to stabilize the bottom. I found this at my local craft store for about 69 cents. ALSO, I used a pretty think material for the handles and the next bag won't have those - way to many layers and very hard to sew through.

What I am really excited about is the fact that I am using up some of my vintage fabrics, which have been slowly taking over that closet. It actually opened up a can of worms though (I know that most of you can relate) because when I opened up the container of vintage fabrics that 'smell' over took the house! yuck. I have about four tubs of fabric all over the house in different stages of "to clean", "to iron", etc. When Kirk came home his comment to the dogs "looks like the craft fairy took a fabric *&$@! (crap) in the house!" LOL!

So then I was set with the task of washing all the fabric, ironing and folding. Ever wonder how you should be folding your fabric for storage? Click here for a fantastic tutorial! After reading the tutorial I then wanted to refold EVERYTHING! LOL. At least I can watch TV and do this at the same time.

Once I am done folding I will be sorting again by vintage finds and new fabrics. I would really like to be able to store my fabric in a glass front cabinet because of all the colors - I just don't have the room, the next place in my dreams... Hopefully after I make a couple more of these bags I won't have very much fabric left! I plan on giving the bags for Mother's Day gifts - which means I better get on it since there are a lot of mommies in our family...


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