Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Friday Finds

Today I am going to share some of my latest fashion finds. I LOVE fashion and can't wait to share with you another long blog post about that part of my life! For now I am going to show you these latest discoveries...

The Letter Clutch by Moop - I stumbled across this site literally, can't even remember how I got to their site but so glad that I did. I was inspired by her story of how her business started and even got wrapped up in her blog for an hour - don't you love it when that happens???!!!  I spotted the letter clutch and was impressed by what I saw just in the pictures, the craftsmanship of being handmade by someone. Since I am 5' 2" this size will be perfect for me. I am a little nervous because I do tend to leave my clutches where I put them down, not good when your entire life is in it and the husband has to drive all the way back to the restaurant. This will be different right???!!! I will let you know in two weeks.

I have to tell you that shoes and handbags are my shopping weaknesses. I love them because I don't have to lose weight to 'wear' them and they always look good on! :)

Another blog find was Pretty Pistachio - she featured my workspace and I was turnd onto a few pieces of her handmade jewelry! The rings are fun and playful and it's hard to choose from the selction, but here are the ones that I bought...

Need to start planning for my birthday trip and find some dresses for WARM weather. I have my eye on this one at Banana Republic. What's even better is it comes in petites and I like how it covers that arm pit area where I have an extra boob! Now I just need to wait for a sale...

Speaking of sale - this is a perfect belted RED trench and it's on sale! It has become one of my favorite jackets because of the bright red color for all the dreary days we have been having. I was a little worried about the top structure because I have such wide shoulders but the width at the hips balances this out perfectly. This is a staple coat and for under $100!

I have also been coveting Tolani scarves - I have yet to make a purchase because I can't justify $85 for something that is not cashmere. But I love the colors and it's the one item that I can wear with stripes on it! Scarves are an easy way to accessorize - be sure to have a length that is appropriate for you body type and learn to tie it up in different ways.

Watches - I have been into watches since I met Kirk. He is a REAL watch collector - in a league of his own. Me, I like the ones that you can beat up and have different colors, styles, trendy, big and small. But I think you need to start with some basics - either in gold or silver. This one at Urban Outfitters is the perfect boyfriend watch. Basic but larger on the wrist so it becomes a nice accessory!

So do you have any fun finds???!! Let me know - Happy Friday!


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