Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Friday Finds

This Friday it's all about gorgeous weather...

With all of this great weather we have been having I can finally break out the sandals! But if you are like me flip flops and other flat sandals cause my plantar fasciitus to act up. A couple of years ago my doctor recommended Chaco flip flops. Finally I pair that I can wear all day and walk around in - these sandals are certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), I think they are the only flip flops that are!

Nice weather means bright fun colors on your toenails and fingers! A while back I had a long layover in Seattle and was able to stop in at Butter London for a mani. But before I share colors I want to tell you about their Stillehto Stick - after you put on your cute sandals above, but notice that you have dry heals...Stillehto Stick to the rescue!

Butter London has some amazing colors for summer - here are few that I picked up:

I am also using their Horse Power Nail Fertilizer (my nails have stopped 'peeling') and love the base coat for giving the nail polish a matte finish when you use it as a top coat!

Sunglasses - I have received some emails in regards to finding the right sunglasses for your face. I have a REALLY round/wide face so I need to stick to straight angular shapes. Also I don't have a bridge so I need sunglasses that have the nose piece, like these Albertas by Kate Spade:

and I have these Agatha's by Kate Spade in Tortoise/Brown that work for me without the nose piece because of the narrow frame.

In Rachel Zoe's book A to Zoe, she gives a great review on different face shapes and what kind of sunglasses you should look for:
  • Oval face shapes are the most versatile because of their balanced proportions. Virtually any frame-shape suits this face, but, according to Morgan, it is advisable to look for frames which are wider (or as wide as) the broadest part of your face.
  • Square face shapes need a slightly curved frame in contrast to the face. These need to sit high enough, to minimize the jaw line. Another alternative is a narrow frame, one that has more width than depth, to widen the eye area.
  • Oblong faces are long and narrow, with long straight cheek lines. Says Zoe, “you need to play down the length by choosing frames which cover the center of the face.” Select frames which have the effect of shorting your face– a deep frame with embellishments or decorations that will detract from your long cheeks and jaw line.
  • Round faces need a contrasting frame such as a straight or angular one. Make your face appear thinner by choosing a clear bridge over the nose, which widens the eyes. Go for a narrow frame which lengthens the face.
  • Triangular – with a broad forehead and narrow chin, contrast your shape by wearing thin-rimmed frames which don’t sit high on your face. This is one instance where oversized sunglasses can make you face appear even wider, but if you still have the confidence to carry them off, then go for it!
  • Inverted Triangle – with a narrow forehead and wide chin, you want a frame which widens the top part of your face, and narrows the chin. Brightly colored sunnies with lots of detailing can be a distraction from your lower facial area, and wide, cat-eye-styles will give the illusion of broadening your forehead and eyes.

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