Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh In

So are you up for a challenge??? I am getting ready to set up a fun eight week challenge to get fit and healthy and win some goodies in the process! There are going to be four ways to participate and everyone needs to be on their best behavior and respect the honor system. I am going to publish the details of the challenge next Wednesday (5/13) so be sure to check in. Brandon Evenson, one of the trainers where I train, is going to be along for the ride and helping us out during during the challenge. We will even have some Q&A sessions scheduled! If you know of anyone that needs a jump start before summer tell them to check in on Wednesday.

In honor of Stacy's birthday yesterday I delayed my weekly Weight Watcher update to today. It was a good day with one pound down! What worked this week:
  • Journal - and I mean everything! If I had nine M&Ms it was going into the tracker. I may not know the exact points but I still write it down.
  • Exercise - I was able to do four days and get back to my yoga practice
  • Morning smoothies and Advocare shake for lunch
  • Healthy snacks between lunch and dinner - celery with peanut butter, cucumbers and broccoli
Positive thoughts are not enough.
There have to be positive feelings
and positive actions.

I also loved this weeks topic: Positive Self-Talking. How many of us really practice this? I know that I sometimes have hard time when it comes to positive self-talking. One of the things that I am working on is when someone tells me: "you look great!" I need to respond with "thank you". Not: "omg, no I don't I still have 15 more pounds to lose..." When someone tells you that you look great accept it with a great smile and a thank you!
What positive message can you give yourself in the following circumstances?
  • I can't do this.
    • POSITIVE: I can do this because I have achieved other things in my life
  • I'll never reach my goal weight
    • POSITIVE: I may not reach my goal weight but I am going to feel better in the process
  • I can't say no to food.
    • POSITIVE: (this is my struggle - any suggestions?)
What other negative messages hold us back?

If you are practicing positive self-talking how does it affect your ability to practice healthy habits?

Lots of questions today - Happy Thursday!


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