Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh In

A busy day that includes a stop to the Weight Watcher meeting to quickly weigh in for a +.4 gain. Not too bad - I need to get back to journaling, last week I did a poor job of doing that. I didn't have time to stay for the meeting today - can anyone tell me what the topic was?

Challenge Updates

We are 44 strong in our group and we are getting so excited!!! Brandon and I wanted to also see if there is an interest to maybe schedule a conference call on Wednesday evening for the kick off??? He can answer any questions and we can all sort of chat. We may need to do two calls to accommodate all the different times zones but we are up for it if you are - just let us know by leaving a comment.

We are a week away from the First day! :)

I have been receiving several wonderful emails in regards to doing a cleanse. I recommend a cleanse for when you are starting something new or you want to break a bad habit and/or gain a new one. Also I think it is important to clean out your system so your body can better absorb the nutrients or medication that you are taking. I guess if I ate better and exercised more, I wouldn't have to do this. But there is only so many bowls of spinach that you can eat right??!

If you remember back in January I did the cleanse that Gwyneth Paltrow did. It was hard - but way easier than most that I have tried. At least you were able to eat chicken and fish. I did notice that I really needed more protein though. What I gained out of this cleanse was the purging of diet coke. No longer was I the slave to the refreshing bubbly drink! Don't get me wrong - it wasn't easy. But I can say today, since January I have had two or three caffeine free diet cokes. The funny thing is that they tasted awful, but I wanted something fizzy and convenient.

I was ready to do another cleanse and wanted to try out the Advocare Herbal Cleanse. This is even easier - there is still a dietary guideline but easy to follow for 10 days. Tomorrow is my last day and I don't feel like that I need to run out and party at Baskin Robbins! Here are the guidelines and my notes in blue:
  • Eight to ten servings each day of vegetables and fruits. I thought this was extreme - I maybe did four to five.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water each day
  • Eat startchy foods such as breads, rice and pasta in the whole grain form. Avoid processed starches such as white bread and white rice. I found the Orowheat double fiber muffins, which I think are only 2 pts
  • Reduce your dietary fat intake to as low an amount as possible.
  • Scrupulously avoid all fried foods - I had sweet potato fries once...can't resist
  • Be sure to avoid sugar - this was hard, I had two night during the 10 days that I had some dessert
So as you can see I wasn't real strict with myself but I did do pretty good for the 10 days. The Herbal Cleanse comes with three different products in the box: Fiber drink, Herbal Cleanse caps, and ProBiotic Restore caps. It also comes in two different flavors and I tried the Peaches and Cream.  Advocare recommends every 90 days that you do a cleanse I am going to try for 120 days and see how I feel.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend to all my US friends and all my international have a good one too!


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