Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bathroom Update

The bathroom painting is done and I am pretty excited with the results! I was a little nervous with the stripes and painters tape, but it was pretty easy.

After the two coats of base paint (Eloquent Ivory GLC16) dried I marked off my measurements every 15" starting from the ceiling. I did this because we have have 9 ft ceilings and I still wanted that height and not break it up. I did about four marks on the longer wall and two or three on the shorter ones, just to make sure the tape went on straight!

Sorry the lighting and the color is so OFF - without natural light it's hard to capture this little bathroom.

After I finished taping I made light 'X' marks on the areas that needed to be painted with the lighter color so there was no confusion. Then I used a small roller brush to paint. I applied the first coat, then waited maybe 30 minutes to apply the second coat. As the Young's say - be sure to take the tape off and I did this as I went along. This made for very nice crisp lines!

And here are the finished walls - I plan on hanging the photos next and I am still on the hunt for a PB knockoff mirror.


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