Monday, June 8, 2009

Commit 2 Fit - update

Well I have to admit that the five meals a day is a REAL struggle for me. Since Weds I have done it twice - I just seem to forget and I actually IGNORE my calendar notification when it beeps at me! Going to be better this week...

I am also going to be posting the weekly life habit on Tuesday afternoon so you can prepare to start it first thing Wednesdays.

How is everyone feeling? If you are hydrating yourself with the 12 cups of water and making better food choices (300 calorie meals) you should be feeling pretty darn good! I know many of you have lost some weight and also have kicked your coffee or soda habit. GREAT job!

You should also be receiving a gift from me in the mail! The first group was sent out last week and the second group will be sent out this week. We ran out of one item and my AWESOME office gal, Maddie is coming in today to finish up. If you don't receive anything by next week let me know.

I am still trying to figure out how to post the chat recordings - it's a little over my tech brain. But here are some things that we talked about.
  • Protein formula: body weight/2.2 multiply that by 1.5 (or 1.6 if you are active)
    • Let me know if you need help determining if you need more protein in your diet.
  • Those of you that are just starting to work out you might want to think about taking some sort of muscle building/repair supplement. I have talked about Catalyst before and it is really important that when you first start working out that you burn fat and not muscle. Catalyst has helped me maintain the muscle I have and also prevents the soreness that I usually experience after working out with my trainer.
  • I have also been on the ThermoPlus for about four weeks now (in conjunction with my MNS Max 3) and have noticed a difference in my appetite and energy level. Will report what I see with my % of body fat.


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