Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creative Juices flowing!

Friday and Saturday I had an opportunity to 'get away' and just take two incredible classes from Lisa Kaus. It was a perfect getaway because I didn't have to actually fly anywhere since Lisa lives close by in Portland, OR. It was two days I was immersed in creative fun but getting to sleep in my own bed! I didn't answer my cell phone, office phone or emails - absolutely in heaven.

The first class was called Gridlocked and she taught us her entire process and techniques of how she designs her pieces. I was amazed on how much information there was. I was just so excited to back working with art supplies - graphite pencils, acrylics, water color crayons, gesso, bees wax, etc. The mediums I LOVED in art school combined with found objects! Here is the finished project

This project really means a lot to me since I used a lot of found objects from Dottie's stash. She was a talented collage artist so I think she would have appreciated me tackling this project! One of my big takeaways from this class is that someone can teach you the process and the how to's but what they can't teach you is the creativity. That comes from you and only you. I am really looking forward to doing another one of these boards for a good friends birthday present!

The next days project was called Home Sweet Home. These have been some of my favorite pieces of Lisa's (I have several in my home) and was looking forward to doing three in a dog theme.

They are already hanging right outside my office! Again this project was working with the same mediums less the bees wax treatment. I could have played with these for another day - one of my downfalls with collage art, when do you stop??? Loved having graphite and paint all over my fingers again!

Another added treat was to see Lisa's workspace, home and other talented artist's work displayed so well. Lots of inspiration there! One thing that I made a mental note of for the next house (lol!) is the computer/business area must be separate from the creating area. She is recently featured in the Where Women Create (current issue with Marie Osmond on the cover) and you can see more pictures here and here

I cannot wait until I can display my Jade ware collection - definitely drooling over some of her pieces! I highly recommend taking a class from Lisa. She is a very sweet, talented, approachable and knowledgeable artist.


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