Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Friday Finds

This weeks Fun Friday Finds is all about I really enjoy visiting this site when I have some free moments or HOURS is more like it! Love to support fellow artists making a living doing what they enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites...

First I want to start off with my dear friend Georgana Hall - did you even know she has a fun little Etsy store called Georgi Girl Crafts?? I love her fun pendants, but the newest addition is the flat iron bag! Need to get this for my travel bag. I usually end up putting mine in my underwear bag and hope nothing melts!

Now check out this cool masking tape from Japan!!!! This gal is calling it Happy Tape and that is exactly what it is. I have been eyeing these for days but can figure out which set I want to buy. Tina Rice is also a very talented jewelry artist - I have a few of her enamel pieces and also receive comments on them.

This next Etsy seller is Louise - so cute and lives in the UK. She designs a line of jewelry that is perfect for those days where you just need a little umpf! My favorites are the rings - they are adjustable and add that fun bit of color when you wear it with jeans. Her company is called Pretty by Pistachio - she has a fun blog to check out too.

If you are looking for some unique address stamps or name stamps check out Sweet Paperie. She is really good to work with and has some great designs. This is the last one that I bought for us and I am thinking that it would make a great gift for the inlaws this Christmas since I think they will be celebrating a milestone anniversary.

These wrsitlets by Lulaballou have been my saving grace over the last year since I started using them! I put all of my important handbag items in it so when I SWITCH handbags I don't leave important things in the other one. Also when you don't want to lug around your big handbag you can just use this. It will hold credit cards, id, cash, keys, and cellphone comfortably! They are on sale right now for a limited time -

My good friend Dee has made the cutest felt cupcakes - which would make a wonderful gift She has also put togehter a tutorial on how to make them. You can purchase both versions - I am definitely going for the already made one...

The By Order of Management series of John W Golden is hysterical. My favorite, I have several, but this one is resonating in our house right now

I also love the Enlightened Fireflies...

This will be hanging in my house soon - Lovely You. Love her whimsical style and colors!

If you are a jewelry collector be forewarned before you click on this link to Botanical Bird's shop! Her latest design Bohemian Blue and Red necklace has been on my mind for a couple of days.

Saving this for last...vinyl chalkboard!!! In shapes that I have only DREAMED of... especially the pig one.

Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend - enjoy life!


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