Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer house updates

This summer we are going to be tackling some updates - that hopefully don't turn into full blown remodels. You know how that happens when all you want to do is update the paint and the next thing that happens are the cabinets are torn out?? I promised Kirk that it was going to be under control... ;)

The downstairs bath is on task this week. Here are the before pictures

Pretty small half bath and pretty boring. I would love to change out the halogen light fixtures but in keeping with my budget I am just going to re-paint. I have been inspired by this bathroom. I am going to forewarn you that this blog is a time suck, but in a good way! It is filled with home inspiration and they even do cyber consults. This will be the first of many links to this blog.

This will be my first time doing stripes of any kind so I am pretty excited and hoping that all the floors are level. Wouldn't that be awful! I don't plan on doing as many stripes as the inspiration bath, because hubby made the comment of 'it's going to be like a prison outfit', so my stripes are going to be 15" wide.

The key to successful painting is all in the prep - I know, groan. I really don't like to prep but it really does pay off in the end. I start by taking everything off the walls that can come off. Then I wash the walls down and the trim. You can do this with an all purpose cleaner. Also remember if you are painting over a semi-gloss with an eggshell or flat you will need to rough up the surface with a scrubber pad - then clean the walls off.

Paintbrushes - Purdy are my favorite, this one in particular. My favorite part of painting is the 'cutting' in. I really dislike to roller. I have had my Purdy brushes for about 10 years, when you take good care of good brushes they can last forever!

I do all my edging with this brush - I don't tape off, that seems to make more of a mess than anything. With a good brush you can cut in without using tape.

Rollers - Since I don't like doing this part I usually just buy the right 'nap' roller brush. Make sure you do this so it makes the job much easier! Since we have orange peel texture in our house I buy a 3/8" nap roller.

TIP - when you need to take a break from painting but don't want to wash out your tools just wrap them up in foil and a plastic bag and put in the fridge! Then when you are ready to go again just pull them out and start painting.

Paint - my favorite paint is Benjamin Moore, hands down. But it is VERY expensive compared to the other brands - $40 vs. $16 a gallon. My friend Jeanette just painted her bedroom with Benjamin Moore and her hubby was very pleased with Benjamin Moore. For this project I decided to do some comparing and use Glidden for the base color since that is what was used in the inspiration bathroom. BTW - the Glidden color Wishes has a new name: Eloquent Ivory (GLC16). For the lighter stripe I am going to using another Glidden color Antique White (GLC14).

Last night I did my first coat and I can already tell that I am not happy with the paint. It doesn't go on as smooth and the coverage is spotty. It is going to take a whole gallon to do this small bathroom. I am covering a darker color but I know in the past that Benjamin Moore products do a better job. Also the VOCs off gas is really high with this Glidden product. When working in an area like this be sure to keep the fan on and windows in the house open!

Just remember that any paint place can color match from a different company line - find a paint company that you like and have the paint mixed to your color choice.

My painting process is pretty simple. When I am working by myself I cut in a small area and then roller so I have time to blend where I cut in and where the roller overlaps. It lessens the 'ghosting' that you get when you overlap the layers. I give the first coat 8 to 12 hours to dry then apply the second coat. Since I am doing the stripes and will need to tape off I am going to give the second coat the same amout of time to dry. The last thing I need is the paint coming off with the tape!

Accessories - my favorite part! I am on the hunt for a new mirror. One with a white frame so it blends into the wall. I love this large size one by PB, but need to find one at a much lower price!

I also plan to hang two original photos by Randy Jay Braun. These are framed in a dark koa wood so I am hoping to bring more of that natural/spa feel into the small bath. My first stop will be TJ Maxx! We bought these when we were married in Maui.

I will be looking for natural accessories for the rest of the items to hold TP, soaps, and other neccessary items for a downstairs bath. I love the Tava line from PB, but need something a little bigger for storage. Again TJ Maxx will be my first stop...

Stay tuned for update pictures!


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