Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bathroom part two

The downstairs bathroom is coming along slowly but surely. The accessorizing takes some time for me because I am always on the hunt for the perfect piece.

Before we had a regular towel ring - silver and pretty basic. I was going to reinstall it but I had this functional art piece by Lisa Kaus waiting for a home. I have one upstairs for my necklaces and this one fit perfectly in the bathroom.

I had some inexpensive hand towels from Target, they are on the end cap and are sold in sets of 4. I sewed on some ribbon and buttons to create the loop for hanging.

The framed photos are hung.

I am still looking for a knock off PB Mirror and hopefully I will find some more artwork while in Maui to put above the toilet. Almost finished!

How are your summer remodels/projects coming along?


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