Friday, July 24, 2009

Commit 2 Fit - THE end

WE did it! We made it through eight weeks and we have all picked up some great habits and quit bad ones along the way. Hopefully with the process of the challenge the good habits are the ones that will STICK!

Here is what I have heard from you over the last week:
  • Weight loss - big and small
  • Lots of inches lost - clothes fitting better
  • blood pressure is down
  • No more soda drinking - for the whole family even!
  • Being aware of what is going in your body
  • Craving the better foods
Great job everyone - it has been fun sticking together on this and I am thinking we should do this once a year. What do you think? I may also have different challenge put together in the fall...hope you are all on board. I am thinking right before the holidays???!!

Okay here are the results of the challenge...everyone was very close in points
  1. Kim H
  2. Melissa C
  3. Jeannie
I will be sending out your prizes next week - CONGRATS and you three are a huge inspiration! Please feel free to post how you feel, losses, gains, etc. I know everyone would love to hear your story.

Happy Friday!


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