Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy summer

Wow what a summer! And it continues to be a great one filled with family, great friends, wonderful places to see and exciting things to do. I am back in town and looking forward to hunkering down and getting things started around here. So stay tuned for some fun announcements!


My Twitter account is no longer working (suspended) and I haven't heard a 'tweet' from Twitter if they are going to fix it. It also won't allow me to start a new account - so for now I will be only updating through Facebook. As soon as this is fixed I will be back on, hopefully. If you know how I can fix this please email me.

Just recently my friend Anna came into town and we went on a whirlwind Twilight movie tour. I kept the blog up to date with iPhone posts but have now moved all of those over to it's own page here. (You can also find the link on the left hand side under "quick links".) I have included better photos and also some notes about the places. If you or your children are 'Twilighters' I highly recommend this trip!
I am in the process of cleaning up the blog. Deleting and moving, trying to decide where things should go. Bare with me as I make the updates.


No, I am not pregnant...LOL! It seems every time I want to make an announcement everyone gets all excited because they think I am PREGO. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not the case with me... this announcement would part one of my new business ventures which is an Etsy store! My main business is called DOXZEN STUDIOS, it will entail much more than an Etsy store but this is launching first. I have a preview of what is in the store on the right hand side of this blog. It will automatically update as I list more things.

I have been a junker/thrifter for years but really got into it when my friend Dottie explored mixed media art. She showed me the ropes of a hard core estate sale shopper! As I ventured into the mixed media art I started to bring home more and more treasures (that were not going to be used in art projects!) not knowing what I was going to do with them. Now I have accumulated enough stuff to 'share'! I have listed some aprons from my extensive collection. There are some that I am going to be sad to see go but they need new homes. I don't cook enough to wear 100+ aprons! You can also use aprons in the kitchen to decorate - they make a great valance on the kitchen window.

Would love to have you stop by the Etsy store and check them out.

DOXZENSTUDIOS.COM is currently being developed and will be up and running soon. Everything is going to happen in stages and as soon as a stage is up to launch I will share first here. Here is a sneek peak of my artwork that I am working on. A little bit of everything and I will be using some lyrics from some of my favorite songs. This one is titled "Home is where I want to Be" - if you know this song who is your favorite version? I love Shawn Colvin's version - we played this at our wedding when the mother's walked down the aisle.

Enjoy life!


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