Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Friday Finds | For your body

With my travels this summer I have come across some great products that I am adding to my arsenal full time...

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

This is a very simple mitt that is a great make up remover that uses NO cleanser. While I still use my Clarisonic, it isn't recommended that you use it twice a day. I have been using this mitt for about three weeks now and have had great results. If you are one that still goes to bed without washing your face this might be the solution for you - it's easy! Plus I am using less of my cleanser which means I am saving $$.

While in Maui my aunt was sunburned pretty bad - the sun is pretty intense there and you have to apply sunscreen at least every 15 minutes. Luckily there was a Lush store close by so we could pick up some remedies. If you don't have a Lush store, you can order online. I first discovered this store several years ago in Canada and couldn't wait for it to come to the US. I remember walking in for the first time and being literally blown away but the fragrance but more so by the innovative packaging of beauty products. They sold solid soap by the pound packaged grocery store style! For sunburn relief there are two must haves....

Breath of Fresh Air toner

This is a hydrating toner for your face but can work on sun burned skin. If it's convenient you can keep it in your fridge to keep in cool. Spray this on your sunburned areas.

Dream Cream

Then apply this cream - which is DREAMY. I used to have this as my main body cream but the container does not travel well so I stopped using it. Now that I have it again I may be giving up on the Lubriderm!

Depending on the severity of your burn you may start to peel. If you do, the Buffy Body Butter bar is your answer. I used this when I was in Maui to keep my skin super moisturized and exfoliated at the same time. I have to admit it's on the expensive side because it doesn't last very long. The smaller bar lasted the length of the vacation which was about a week. If you purchase this bar don't forget to get the tin!

And since we are on the topic of Lush - Kirk loves their solid shampoo bars. His favorite is this one - it used to be mint scented, but is now cinnamon.

Have a great weekend and Enjoy Life!


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