Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amos | Intervertebral Disc Disease

Our Amos has Intervertebral Disc Disease (Type II Herniation). It isn't at the point where he has to have surgery but it is essential that he remain on strict crate rest for at least four weeks. We are hoping that this type of management will allow a 'scar' to form over the top of the disc material and we can avoid the disc surgery.

Last weekend we noticed that Amos was getting around pretty slow and not jumping up - jumping has been a bad habit of his from way back and most likely lead to this injury. By Monday morning I could tell he was in pain because every time he breathed in his little body would shake. Off to the ER Vet we went! (I have noticed through the years that pets tend to get sick/injured on weekends and holidays, go figure.) She ran some reactionary tests and while his response was a little slow at least he still had them. We were sent home with strict directions for his care, Rimadyl and Methocarbamol. While I do not like any of this medication I know that it is a necessary evil to get him healing and control the pain. Over the next few days I could tell the pain meds were wearing off too fast and he would be uncomfortable, so today we went in for a check up with our regular vet. Eric could tell right away that there were issues - even the problematic area of the spine was very warm to the touch. He took some x-rays so we would know exactly where in the spine and at least have a baseline.  He gave him a steroid and Valium shot to help relax the muscles and get ahead of the pain. We are also going to start the Synovi G3 Soft Chews, 240 Count in his diet. This has glucosamine and MSM to help with repair.

Amos is our most athletic dog so it is very hard for him to be confined to the kennel. He is definitely out of sorts right now, especially since he is used to being very close to me when I am at home. We are preparing for a long recovery process but have high hopes for a full recovery!

Jesse on the other hand is extremely jealous - we had to borrow another small kennel so he could be in one. We experienced 'agressor' behavior with Jesse while getting Amos in or out of the kennel. So instead of fighting or dealing with it I opted for the second kennel in my office...

Here is his real power move - getting on top of the kennel...

Selby could care less, she would definitely prefer to be the ONLY dog in the house.


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