Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Barn House | Fall Harvest

Last weekend I tried to stay pretty busy - it's my way of coping through the grieving process. I was thankful that there were some fun events to keep me occupied.

One of my favorite is to attend any event hosted by the Barn House, Joe and Jermonne. Last Saturday was their last event of the season and they didn't disappoint!

I picked up a couple of feeders at the Barn House. My intention was to hang these off my worktable ends to hold tools but they are just about and inch too wide. So they are going to find a home on a wall. Which means some moving of my existing shelves and that will entail filling holes and touch up painting...it's always a can of worms isn't it?? The width of the feeder holds a small canning jar perfectly so my acrylic crayons, paintbrushes, etc are going to fit perfectly in it!

Found an end bolt of burlap type fabric. I have started to make lavender sachets out of it, decorating the front with some shabby flowers. Will hopefully have these in the etsy store soon!

Loved the look of these aged glassine envelopes...wheels were spinning when I spotted these!

Always on the look out for glass knobs, I use them on my art pieces. I either find good deals on Ebay or at Estate sales, these were on the expensive side but the savings in my time made up the difference. I really love the red paint on them.

Enjoy life!


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