Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friday Finds | Books

Today's Fun Friday Finds are books. I read a great article by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly about "What's Next For Pop Culture?" What's going to happen to books, radio, serious American movies, network TV, and why should we care? Because of QUALITY.

"And when the good stuff's gone? It ain't coming back, son. That's what I'm really afraid of." Stephen King.

Books have been a concern for me since I am an avid reader. It is exciting to be around for launch of E-book technology - I have Kindle: Amazon's 6, and while I love it for convenience of travel, it has not taken the place of the tangible book for me. There are some books that are not available in digital format and most of my reference reading I still prefer in traditional book form so I can make notes and highlight. Mr. King brings up some good questions about the future quality of content - what happens if publishers and editing go out of business? Where is their place in this changing industry? I am anxious to see how this all evolves.

On my nightstand...

I have never considered myself to be a good writer. Those of you who read my blog regularly can attest to this! I pulled B's in most of my English classes, I think my love for reading saved me there. When I entered into the workforce we had writers available to us - whew. But now it's just me, no editor, no copy writer, just me RAW. So I apologize to those of you that cringe with my run on sentences, fragments, misuse of 'myself'. I am working on it! A blog that I read on a regular basis recommended this book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott. It is a writers book on how to write a book or short stories. I am about half way through and loving it! Her humor and the way that she is breaking down the process all makes sense.

I gave The Devil of Nanking to a friend of mine based on the review our local book store gave: "Hauntingly dark". And apparently it is. I have yet to read it - but be forewarned that it's DARK. I am also anxious to read The Outlander: A Novel (P.S.) as it is recommended by the above friend! The Outlander is available on the Kindle so I downloaded that immediately. The Devil of Nanking is in traditional form only, for right now.

The book The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel has been one of my favorite dog books.The book has combined to of my loves: dogs and car racing. Even if you are neither a dog lover or car racing fan, I think you can enjoy this read. I believe the message in the book is to live in the moment and no better than a dog to teach us that. The exciting news is last week my aunt and I went to a fundraiser where Garth Stein was doing a reading for Animal Aid! If you have a chance to hear him read he is VERY entertaining and candid.

Happy Friday and enjoy life!


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