Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bathroom clean up

When the weather gets like this around here it's time to start nesting. This was taken out my bedroom window - dreary.

I started some of nesting projects last weekend - one of them included cleaning out my drawers in the bathroom and hanging some much needed organizational pieces that have been sitting in my closet for about six months.

My jewelry has been been a tangled mess and like my crafting if it's out sight - it's out of mind. I needed to figure out a way to display my jewelry. My first solution is for my more dainty pieces and bracelets

These are shadow boxes from Micheal's cover with some fun fabric on the inside. I used quilting pins to hang the jewelry on. I have had these for awhile now - in fact my house cleaner accidentally broke the bottom one and the glass shattered out. I like this much better because now I don't have to open it!

The next piece is an old drying rack that I found at and estate sale for $1

I cleaned it up and bought some 'S' hooks at the local hardware store and hung my chunkier pieces and earrings on this one. I don't have very many earrings because I am pearl kind of girl.

This next piece is by one of my favorite artist, Lisa Kaus and I actually showed you another piece earlier in my downstairs bathroom here.

My Lisa piece holds some of my handmade jewelry either by me or other artists.

After I completed this project there was so much more room in my drawers and my counter - you could see it again! As you can see I have the dreaded one sink bathroom. I can only dream of having separate sink areas...

I also cleaned up my ring and watch area...

This is an glass serving tray that I found at GoodWill several years ago. I picked up two, another one sits in the guest bathroom. The porcelain cup hold my fun cheapo rings and pendants. The cast iron hand holds my handmade or chunky rings and the Dachshund holds my wedding ring and engagement ring.

Some decor in our bathroom are pictures of us - by Allison Tyler Jones. Towels and bars are from PB.

The wall paint in this bathroom is by Benjamin Moore called Copley Gray HC-104.

What are you nesting projects?


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