Friday, October 23, 2009

Cleanse/Detox Day Five

It's Friday and day five of our cleanse/detox! Celebrate that we have made it this far. This weekend is going to take some planning for me since I have places and events to attend that involve food. The keyword for today is PLANNING...

On tap for today:

  • Spark drink
  • Catalyst supplements
  • Probiotic Restore supplements (advocare cleanse)
  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • Plain Miso Soup (it's cold and wet here today)
  • Apple
  • Kashi bar - almond
  • Muscle Gain Shake
  • Fiber bar
  • Leftover chicken breast
  • Salad
  • Herbal Cleanse supplements right before bed
This weekend I am stocking up on fruits and veggies and will eat these before I leave the house. The only thing that I might be tempted with is the Peach Bellini at the Heathman at brunch...oh and maybe the eggs benedict...ugh - this might be trouble! 


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