Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cleanse/Detox Day Four

Today I am feeling much better - little more energy, but really craving sugar! I don't think I can go into a grocery store right now for fear that I would go directly to the bakery section and eat all the samples! Just so you know while I am on this cleanse I cannot take my regular supplements that my body is used to. So I am attributing that to my energy loss along with a huge decrease in calories...hmmmm I wonder who has been eating too much??? How is everyone else doing?

On tap for today:

  • Spark drink(this is helping a ton for my energy levels!)
  • Catalyst supplements
  • Probiotic Restore supplements (from the Advocare Herbal Cleanse)
  • Meal Replacement shake (Advocare)
  • Salad (with Tuna on it)
  • Apple (large Fuji, this is kind of helping with my sugar craving)
  • Muscle Gain Protein Shake
  • Fiber Bar - this little bar is great with the protein shake, it has 5g fiber and 8g of protein and is equivalent to 2 servings of fruits! This is really my first time really trying it out and I am happy with the taste and that it fills my need around snack time (with the shake) while giving me some more fiber.
  • This little snack at around 3 pm is really helping my overeating. Also I LOVE the portability of this snack- you have your shaker, grab a bar and you are ready to go! The protein shake has 25g of protein and very low in carbs. Here is the product sheet for the shake: Download P4602
  • Chicken breast - grilled (I really don't like chicken so we will have to see how this goes)
  • Salad
  • Right before bed - Herbal Cleanse pack


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