Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Friday Finds | Anthropologie

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this store? Exactly for the same reasons I LOVE N&M  - when you walk into Anthropologie you can just feel yourself absorbing all the creative juices. There is so much to look at and most of the things that I would like to have are not for sale. Have you seen the big letters made of cardboard??!!!

I was there last Sunday with girlfriends, wandering around looking for a black casual blazer and found myself in the bedding section. I was lusting over this

and this one.

They had some sale bins and I was looking through and found this gem that is now on my bed...

for $69! Yes, a king size duvet for $69. I can say that I scored - this was a $300 duvet. Go in, you never know what treasures you might find!

I did find a black blazer and my prediction is I will be wearing this A LOT. It's made out of a jersey material and it will be good for those last minute appointments that I need to look somewhat put together.

They also carry a great selection of Leifsdotter. One of my favorite clothing lines! It is on the expensive side, but I have sweaters from 5 years ago that are timeless. But check out the color combinations...

I love the color of this sweater and the style but for my body type I can't pull this off. It would be great for someone that has narrow shoulders (I am VERY broad shouldered) and small chest area. That built in scarf detail rests right on the chest and I don't need to accentuate that area! But the cut of it and the line of the buttons draws your eye vertically - very slimming for the right person!

I am on the hunt for a short black skirt similar to this one. I would get this if the price was just a little less. Since I am 5'2" this skirt is perfect as long as it comes to the knee or above. The a-line cut makes if flare out at the right place where I am trying to create bulk and balance out my broad shoulders. From my hips down I am tiny so I can afford to add bulk in this area.

And lastly who can resist these!

Happy Friday - enjoy life! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Halloween post -


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