Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun Friday Finds | Nieman & Marcus

Okay before you get all worked up about Neiman & Marcus, let me first say that it is one of my favorite stores. WHY?? It's not because of the expensive clothes, or the reputation - it's because they are constantly pushing the edge in retail design. Next time you have the chance to go into NM go! Be inspired by their displays, colors... there isn't a sign anywhere that says that you have to buy something or that you need to make $$$,$$$ to even step over the threshold. GO in, but promise me you won't look at price tags and remark about how expensive something is (we will save that for another post) you are not there to shop - just observe.

One of my favorite times of year for NM is Christmas. They come out with what is called the infamous "The Christmas Book" I get giddy with excitement when this baby comes in the mail! First look at the paper crafting design on the front cover?! And in the Fantasy Gift video it all comes to life.

As I watched the video here was one exclusive item, that someone (not sure who in this economy right now) could buy that stood out. Let me also say kudos to the NM team this year - it is A LOT of work putting together exclusive deals.

Algonquin Round Table Experience...being the host of Malcom Gladwell, Nora Ephron, John Lithgow, and many more - what an evening to remember! Plus the $200,000 price tag is donated to First Book. What a great idea - couldn't you do something similar with a group of friends? Or this idea might give you the reason to host your own round table experience with professionals in your home town, that you have always wanted to meet. Put the invite out there, you never know what might happen!

Here are the other pages that stood out for me

Starting on page 61 they use vintage book paper for backgrounds and props - great ideas for decorating and in our own artwork.  The Valentino Hobo and boots aren't bad either! But look at the color - gray. Some colors may come across as drab but when presented in the softest suede a color like gray can be inviting.

Jewel tone colors are, or going to be hot! This definitely reminds me of 80s royal blue but this is definitely not your 80s prom dress. The blue horse in the background is a little 80s, if only it was a unicorn.

This magenta color is AMAZING by Magaschoni (left) and the dress is adorable... if you don't think that Mad Men isn't having a huge influence on fashion right now, think again. Also look at the color combination: magenta with brown/ochre background. Might be the next card I make.

Loved the flow of this product shot, the circles with the squares. Will be putting this clip on my inspiration board.

Here is an idea of putting pictures into old books - definitely not acid free but maybe just use the old covers and insert your own pages??

I hope I have given you a better reason to look at all the catalogs that will soon be coming to your doorstep! Don't get down because you can't shop - use them to be inspired!

Happy Friday - enjoy life!


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