Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogging & Scrapbooking - Mundane

I am really behind posting for this class but enjoying all the crafty goodness that is happening in the house! Prompt Four was about the mundane - I feel like I have a lot of mundane things in my life, at least mundane to me. One of them happens to be Airport Pickup. Because Kirk and I travel extensively we have the airport pickup down to a science.

First - as soon as you land and you can turn on your phone, you make the call home. "hey, I'm here. Just making our way to the gate." The person at home then gets in the car...

It takes about 15 minutes from our house to baggage claim

This particular day we were having a storm - my poor Mini was barely making it through all the standing water! By the time the pick up person arrives down at baggage claim the traveling person has collected their luggage is waiting under cover

Our system is our system and it works for us!

Patterned paper and letter stickers by American Crafts, Journaling sticker by Luxe, Travel sticker by 7 Gypsies


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