Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogging & Scrapbooking - Target

Who doesn't LOVE Target?!!

  • Great deals and fun finds - like sparkly converse shoes
  • Almost all in one shopping (I don't have a super Target close by)
  • Great pet section
  • Seasonal product section is always fun
  • The $1 section
  • Scrapbooking and paper goods - always something unique there!
  • Organizational products
Stickers & patterned paper Luxe, foam letters & felt heart American Crafts

I really love that Target it partnering with top name designers. I miss Issac Mizarahi's Target line - I feel pretty lucky that I have two of his blue and white seer sucker suits. I wear these in the summer and get compliments all the time - when I tell them it's a Target suit they are amazed!

Merona has come out with some great basics and dress pieces for the fall. I may need to go back and get that lace skirt that will be great for some holiday dinners this year. And who wouldn't love a elastic waist band during the holidays?? Hello! I have the perfect gold silk top that will go with this along with some kick ass gold heels...

These pictures were taken with my iPhone using the Polarize app - it's addicting!


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