Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Handmade Christmas - crocheting projects

I have been on a made dash to start and finish the crocheting Christmas gifts! Most everyone this year is receiving a handmade gift - because some of the recipients read my blog I have to keep them under wraps. But if you are looking for some last minute projects check these out...

If you are new to crocheting and want to make something handmade in this medium... Start with an easy peasy pattern for a scarf that isn't plain jane - Rebecca has free patterns here. The Ruffle Scarf is fun and try to use a multicolor yarn. I have even customized it to have a different edging. (photo courtesy of her blog)

Who has cold hands and wrists in the winter?? I do! I am constantly trying to get my long sleeve shirts to go over the tops of my hands to keep warm. Well I think I found a solution...thanks to Alicia, her blog directed me to crocheted wrist warmers here.The funny thing is I remember seeing these in the Boden catalog and loving the colors of stripes. BUT wait until you check out Lucy's projects and the COLOR combos' she uses. Her flickr site will suck you in and she has some great tutorials. Be forewarned here site is going to inspire you to pick up your crochet needle or start! (photo courtesy of her blog)

Another great resource for patterns/ideas is Ravelry - I have a been a member for some time. I am not sure if you have to wait for approval anymore? In the past it took a few months - it's a free site that is loaded up and you can also keep track of your projects and see other people that are doing the same project!

I also use YouTube for when I need help crocheting - just search for the stitch that you are needing help with and I guarantee that a video tutorial will pop up!

Enjoy life!



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