Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scrapbooking & Blogging - Denim

This class continues to inspire me - yesterdays post was about lists and I am on a roll this weekend! Trying to work through my collection of clothing hang tags I noticed that I had categories of clothes: Investment (yesterday's page) and today the denim that I love.

Finding the right jeans is difficult and when you do find the perfect pair you better buy at least two pairs. One to hem long (high heels) and one to hem short (flip flops). Then remember the designer and style name or number. What I find frustrating is when companies like the GAP discontinue styles every season!

I think every woman should have a basic collection of denim:
  • Dark denim trousers - trouser means a little dressier, may be a lighter weight denim. Mine are hemmed long and I wear with heels. My favorites are made by Theory. Definitely an investment and I have found them on sale online. These go to the cleaners because I am afraid that something like bleach may get on them while in my laundry area!
  • Regular wash jeans - thicker denim weight in blue wash, maybe some distressing. I am not a big fan of distressing, it has to be in the right place. Remember where the distressing is it is going to accentuate! I have seen some jeans with distressing/lightening in the back...well if you have larger backside this is going call it out. Pocket flaps (which are very popular) do the exact same thing. I have no butt so I am always looking for jeans that have these types of features. But I don't want any distressing on the middle of my thighs unless it is a vertical line. Make sense?
  • Denim skirt - I have several in different washes and styles. Make sure you buy skirts at the right length/style for your body type. I need to keep mine knee length or above and like I have said before this is where I can create 'bulk'.
  • Denim jacket - this piece can always finish off an outfit very easily! Be careful though...denim jackets can make you look VERY square. I have broad shoulders and large chest...traditional denim jacket (think levis, like this one). Do you see the stitching line that it about 2 to 3 inches below the shoulders going horizontally? That creates WIDTH. See the pockets on the chest and distressing? All in the areas that I do not want to accentuate. I think this is the wrong denim jacket for a plus size woman, for the same reasons I just explained.

Tip fit for jeans:
  • Make sure the width of the jean (at the bottom) is balancing out the rest of your body. If you have wide hips - pegged (do they make this style anymore) or skinny down by the ankle will probably not be your best choice. Look for a boot cut or a wider leg. I can pull off a wider leg because of the broad shoulders...but because of my height (5'2") and lack of hips I have this style longer and with very high heels.
  • Make sure the type of denim (the actually material) looks good on you. Some of the denims that are on the market now have a lot of lycra or stretchy fibers in careful - you need to buy a smaller size because they will stretch, but if you buy them to tight you will be sharing way too much information with the public. If you know what I mean! ;)
  • Just because it's in style doesn't mean that you have to have a pair. I would love to wear skinny jeans - but they are not the right style for me. Look at this way - you just saved some $$$. Or you may need to make a sacrifice...example, cropped jeans - I love them. But because of my height and larger calves...these are the worst kind of pants for me. UNLESS...I wear close to 3 inch heels. When I create height I can draw the eye farther down so my legs don't look stumpy. But wearing 3 inch heels is a sacrifice! On a side note...there are not very many women that can pull off cropped pants, if you do wear them make sure the bottom is hitting you at the skinniest part of your leg - not the middle of your calf.
  • Try everything on, even if it's the same style and designer.
  • You have to try on a lot of jeans before finding what fits you best. Don't get discouraged, the perfect pair are out there for you!
All patterned paper and stickers Basic Grey Marrakech, chipboard heart HS, border punch fiskars. Actual jean material and clothing tags
My favorite denim designers:
  • GAP
  • 7 for all mankind
  • Hudson
  • Theory
  • Banana Republic
  • JCrew
Happy Saturday - enjoy life!


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