Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Friday Finds | Gift ideas for yourself!

I am almost done with my Christmas gifts - most of them are handmade this year. My goal is to try to avoid going to the mall and if I am buying a gift it will be online!

This time of the year my friend Jeanette has some great gift ideas on her blog, she has some unique finds. I thought I would put together a list of ideas for yourself - don't forget about you! This is definitely targeted towards "HER" so next week will be for my "HIM" readers.

Of course I am going to start with my vintage aprons! I have a few left on Etsy!

This morning I was having a discussion with my aunt about easy gifts to ship and I thought of pjs! For me buying pjs has been something you do in the winter time, Dottie and I bought each other pjs for Christmas each year - matching ones of course! I found these by PJ Salvage....

And Nick & Nora at Target was always a favorite of ours... this Reindogs sleep shirt would have been a must buy!

Handmade for you...I first heard about this company here - and for someone who knits and crochets I was salivating! Granted is one of those hand knit sweater companies that I can appreciate the time that goes into making some thing like these sweaters...

But I really LOVE these, you can give your UGGs a new look...Next time I am in Vancouver, BC this is going to be a boutique to stop at!

Next on my list would be Fragrance - Jeanette really was the first person to get me excited about Jo Malone. Before that my go to fragrance was Eau de Lune by Laura Mercier, this was my signature 'smell'. I was always intrigued by Jo Malone but was somewhat intimidated by the 'fragrance combining' . But with a little help I am now a Jo Malone fan! I combine Orange Blossom and Lotus Blossum/Water Lily.

I am also love the Vitamin E hand cream and lip conditioner during the winter months when my hands a lips are super dry.

SweetPaperie has been my go to designer for personalized stamps - she has some new designs, like this one... I think that while we are always a family unit, there are times that we need to be our own individual persons. Something as simple as your 'own' personalized stamp can give you that! :)

Enjoy life!


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