Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Decor

This is how one of my Christmas trees starts out - yes, I have artificial. I am sure there are plenty of arguments out there but this is what we have chosen. We have three, white, champagne and traditional green. This year the white one was the only one that made it out...

I am VERY picky about my branches - they have to be unscrunched and laid out so they are flat. Most of my ornaments are vignettes and the items need to sit into the tree not hang...this takes me several hours to do.

Definitely needs more lights! I string on several more strands...

Need to look at it from outside to see if there are enough lights...we are there!

Let the trimming begin! As you can see I have some hanging ornaments, but I also put together vignettes of a extra large Christmas ball, glitter fern, birds, glitter icicle branches, silk flowers...

The white doves I found at an estate sale - 24 for $1! Of course the dogs have been eying them.

The ornament above is from one of my favorite illustrators Patience Brewster. I adore her Krinkles line.

Here is our finished room. This is the first year that I haven't gone mono-chromatic with the white tree - I usually do silver and white. While it makes for a very elegant tree - I thought I would try some color since I wasn't setting up the others. As you can see on my coffee table I also have a collection of snow globes - I receive one for Christmas almost every year. I need to find the rest of them - I think a box is still in storage...check back tomorrow for more photos!

Enjoy life!


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