Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tapestry Beige - finished!

After spending the time to prep/prime the rooms the Tapestry Beige color turned out even better than I expected.

We have very dark floors and furniture so this neutral color let those features SHINE! Above is a picture of our 'travel' wall. As we travel around the world I bring back small pieces to feature in this area.

Above is a photo of our kitchen back splash. This tile is also the same color we have on the floor. So excited that my Christmas cactus if blooming!

Here is the back wall of the kitchen (galley style) and the door is to the pantry/laundry. The crow painting is by Eli Halpin and it is done on an old window. She is one of my favorite artists - she used to live in Portland, but has since moved to the East coast. My dream would be to commission her to do the furbabies!

The two crow painting is another Eli Halpin piece - and also a sneak peek into some holiday decor... check back tomorrow!


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