Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tapestry Beige - new paint color

Yes, on my to do list before Christmas was to paint the kitchen/dining/tv room. A friend of mine turned me on to this neutral color - when I first saw it I just loved the simplicity. Tapestry Beige is by Benjamin Moore, color number OC-32. But let's start from the beginning!

These rooms were painted a very deep orange for about six years. When I first picked this color everyone was appalled, Kirk was apprehensive - I LOVED it. But over time everyone warmed up to the color - of course this happened as the orange color came into style for home decor. But after six years I was ready for a change.

But that meant I was going to have to prep/prime the walls with Kilz - a whole extra day of painting. I only had to do one coat of Kilz, this just took the edge off of having to cover the orange paint with the new color.

Of course by the time I got around to the project it was already December! If this was going to get done it needed to be done before I decorated for Christmas.

Check back tomorrow for the end results...


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