Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fabric love

I dusted off the sewing machine the other day after stumbling upon and being inspired by this gal. Come to find out we live in the same city! I have been wanting to start sewing again especially since I have so much fabric - new and vintage, hoarding away and running out of room. So I am in the process of designing a flat iron cover for when I travel. I don't know about many of you but I am kind of tired of wrapping up my iron in my underwear or socks...and always having that fear when I am sitting on the plane wondering if the iron is melting all of my cosmetics. I looked at a few on Etsy and determined that I wanted one with a draw string closure and an outside pocket for the cord.

For my first attempt I wanted to stick to some neutral colors and pattern. I wanted to concentrate on the design and not get hung up on the aesthetic of it.

I am pretty happy with my first run at it - the next one I am going to make a little wider so it will fit nicely on my sewing arm without having to contort my piece on the sewing machine while stitching in the round. My stitching is not very straight because of this!

I think this may have been the first time I did a button hole for the drawstring closure...the next one is going to have a vertical button hole versus a horizontal one and hopefully centered. I was just happy that I had a button hole!

So what do you do with your curling/flat iron when you travel?


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