Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reality Check

Reality - this is what my life has been looking like since the holidays ended...

I have received countless emails from all of you asking how I do it all - the reality is I don't. I have just as many unfinished projects, if not more, than completed ones. I am easily lured away from the task at hand by reading blogs.

I love all mediums of crafting and have recently caught the sewing bug yet AGAIN. Sometimes I wear the same yoga pants two days in a row. And sometimes I don't get into the shower until 3pm PST! A week ago you couldn't even walk into my closet - after tripping the 100th time I finally spent a couple of hours getting everything back into order.

When my house gets like this I feel out of control and can't attempt anything until the house is clean. It only takes 48 hours for two adults and three dogs to mess it up again. And we fight about this - can you tell too where your spouse has been in any given day by the trail of mess they have left? I sometimes yell at my dogs and feel bad later.

I think that one of my saving grace's for attempting to do it all is not having the responsibility of children. Sometimes my dogs don't get fed until 8 pm! I don't think CPS would like that if I had kids... I give big kudos to those of you that have kids and find time to craft, even if it's for 30 minutes!

So here I sit at this very messy desk wanting you all to know that this is all REAL. I don't want to pretend that everything is all perfect all the time, because it's not. Sunday was the first day in six months that I finally went in to get my hair done. Six months! this is NOT me. Before hair appt on Sunday...

As I look around I have to chuckle at the little things in the past - only buying an HP printer because it was white and would go with my Mac and desk...NOT because I needed something that was efficient, economical, etc. OR paying $99 extra just to have a mac.com email address?? No value - just because I had to have it...and on the other side of that, passing on buying a pair of designer shoes because I didn't want anyone to make judgments. At the end of the day WHO CARES???

I have to remember...You need to do what YOU want or what your responsibilities require you to do. Not because someone tells you, or gives you permission to do it. At the end of the day, YOU have to WANT to do it.

Don't get me wrong - I love my life and everyone that is apart of it. I just want to get back to some dose of reality. Getting back to myself is on tap for 2010 - far too long have I been under the influence and drinking the kool aid. Do you ever feel swept up in the moment? Kind of like buyers remorse? Thanks for letting me ramble....


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