Saturday, March 6, 2010

85mm kind of day

[1/125 @ f4.5 ISO 800]

This was taken with my 85mm 1.8 - I have dreams of owning a 1.2L so this 1.8 will have to be my reality for now. It really is a great portrait lens. I had a hard time using it on my Rebel because of the cropping factor. But on a full frame camera it was like having a brand new lens in my bag! Another reason I love the 5d...full frame camera. 

[1/125 @ F4.5 ISO 500]

I went with a lower ISO here and you can see that I am a little on the dark side. Jesse has a challenging face - white on one side and dark on the other. This is why I love practicing with him because it makes me play around with the settings. The 85mm is a great prime lens for blurring out the background and also giving you beautiful bokeh just like the 50mm in the yesterdays post.

The background set up I am using is here and I have found when working with pets cloth is not the best choice. I will be getting some vinyl paper for next time. You can see the background in the above photo - what I needed to do was move Jesse forward, you want your subject at least five feet from the background when doing shots like this. Or I can choose to crop out that side... I lean more towards getting the right shot in the camera because post processing is not my favorite task!

Here is a non-Jesse shot of some morning grass - we have been having some wonderful weather...

[1/400 @ f1.8 ISO 100]

I have received several emails in regard to learning how to use your camera and shoot in manual mode. It's taken me years of practice (I am still learning) and lots of classes that were hit and miss. It wasn't until last summer when I took Karen Russells' class that it really clicked. I highly recommend this class if this is where you are at. She has several options available for taking the VERY popular class so there is a chance that you can get in. I was unable to keep up with the online class but made sure that I checked in every week and printed the materials. Then, I spent ONE weekend plowing through all the lessons and doing all the assignments. Like I said... it just clicked. No pun intended! 

Also check out the free info here. Christina has really taken the time to go through the Basics in several posts.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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