Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gorgeous Day!

A perfect reason to get out and play with my camera. I have told myself that I need to shoot almost everyday even when I am not working. So I set up my ghetto studio inside (the dining room) but also went outside to enjoy some sunshine.

I thought I would take the time and answer some questions I have been getting in regards to photography equipment I use. I am now shooting with a Canon 5d Mark II, before, I had a Canon Rebel XTI which they don't even make anymore. I LOVE my Rebel and I still have it for when we travel. One of the reasons I jumped to a 5d was due to the grain issues in low light and the Rebel, 20d & 40d are hard pressed to handle really low light and high ISOs. Since I live in the NW and we have more rainy days than sunny, plus most of my pet photography takes place in client homes I needed a camera that performed well in those conditions. The other feature that I hope to use more of this summer is the HD video!

The photos below were taken with the 50mm - the cheapie $99 one! I love this lens for anything that is still. If you have been wanting an entry level portrait lens to practice with, buy this one. I have given you my settings in brackets - PLEASE do not think that this is the perfect formula. I shoot in manual and do a lot of experimenting. [click on photos to make larger]

[1/125 @ F3.5 ISO 125]

[1/800 @ f1.8 ISO 100 - not perfect that bud is not tack sharp. I could have slowed my shutter speed down and made my aperture smaller.]

[1/1000 @ f3.5 ISO 100]

[1/125 @ f4.5 ISO 500 this photo has some post production presets in LR2]

I edit all of my RAW photos in Adobe Lightroom 2 using the process in Kevin Kubota's book Digital Photography Boot Camp and DVD. [I have noticed that my photos on the blog are lighter than the files on my computer.] I use Photoshop CS4 sparingly - watermarking, cloning out objects and some B&W actions.

Here is a photo of something that moves - Jesse. Actually he is pretty good about posing. Again the 50mm 1/125 @ f3.5 ISO 400 Both eyes are pretty sharp [no post processing on them] I am trying more and more not to shoot so wide open. I don't want to go below 2.5/2.8 for aperture.

Check back tomorrow for the 85mm lens...


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