Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Friday Finds


Yes, I am doing a selfish plug for the photography business! But Doxzen Pet Photos just got a new face lift - be sure to check it out when you have time. It has been fun going through the branding experience - but I will have to admit all my creative energy has been focused on that. Now I am looking forward to not having to worry about it and enjoy what Luxecetera has put together for me!


NO, not me! [did you fall out of your chair???!!] But I am going to be an Auntie again at the end of June - my sister is having a boy. Everyone is very excited including my niece...well at least she is right now. ;) Photo tip: I just realized that if I tell me niece NOT to smile and be grumpy she gets all giggly and I get great expressions like the one above. I think we can now put the constipated look behind us. LOL!

Don't forget about the two giveaways happening on the blog right now. Here and here. To all my US based friends, have a wonderful long weekend!

And also don't forget to always have a camera handy, from my backyard...


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